Here you will find a varied selection of accommodation within Fishspot Whether you are looking for accommodation in a campsite, in cabins, rooms / apartments or hotels. In addition to finding relevant offers for fishing nearby, you can also find different activities or where you can buy food and drink.

Know the calm, the sound of birdwatches and the wind that easily showers in the tree tops. No cars, no phone – it’s you and nature. You stand on the odds and throw out, just beyond the guard and waiting for it to respond at the other end. The thoughts turn around solid fish, crackling from the fire and the experience that you and nature find peace when the evening announces its arrival.


Borgen ­– ­Where ­Hamsun ­wrote ­in ­Sollia
AccommodationStay in the very cabin where Knut Hamsen lived, right next to Atnfossen and Atnsjøen. Fish for trout, char, and grayling, right next to the cabin! Read more
The ­Heggebotthytta ­Cabin
AccommodationHeggebotthytta is an easily accessible adventure base with a good standard and a view of lake Heggebottvatnet and Breheimen National Park. The cabin is available for both shorter and longer periods and […]Read more
Johnsgård ­Tourist ­Center
AccommodationJohnsgård Tourist Center offers accomodations in cabins, tents, RV, or camping trailer on the banks of Lake Langsjøen. This is a quiet family destination surrounded by beautiful nature. The farm lifestyle here […]Read more
Romenstad ­Cabins
AccommodationRomenstad Hytter (cabins) offers rental cabins with varying standards in distinctive surroundings. Located centrally to many attractive fishing rivers in Rendalen, including Unsetåa, Mistra, Sølna, Rena Nord, and Glomma. The cabin was […]Read more
Fishing ­cabin ­on ­the ­River ­Glomma
AccommodationWe offer a brand new cabin 100 meters from the banks of the River Glomma with a private fishing shelter and a boat. The cabin is ideally located with an excellent view […]Read more
The ­Galten ­Gård ­Farm
AccommodationGalten Gård offers many exciting vacation opportunities including fly fishing, challenging hikes, and delicious local food with exciting ingredients. The farm consists of old but well maintained accommodations with modern facilities, as […]Read more
Smith ­Seter
AccommodationSmithseter, completed in autumn 2012, provides 8 beds in 4 double rooms. A place filled with history, doing all it takes to give their guests exclusive experiences in the fields of culture, […]Read more
Dalsbygda ­Hunting ­and ­Fishing ­Camp
Accommodation“Dalsbygda Jakt- og fiskecamp” (hunting and fishing camp) rents out two “Container Cabins” right next to the renowned trout stream Vangrøfta. The cabins are mobile, and are placed strategically along one of […]Read more
Fishing ­Cabin ­on ­Rena ­River
AccommodationThe Raudhammerkoia Cabin lies on the banks of the River Rena at Raudstrømmen. Rena is known for its excellent fishing. The cabin lies right on the bank, perfect for scouting for rising […]Read more
AccommodationSkogli offers you accomodations in their very own cabin on the farm property. The cabin is located in a quaint and peaceful location only 200 meters from the banks of the famed […]Read more
Østrungen ­Outdoor ­Camp
AccommodationThe Østrungen Friluftsleir (outdoor camp) draws upon the rich natural surroundings of the area. The camp is a place where guests can thrive and experience the fantastic nature here. Østrungen Friluftsleir is […]Read more
Stor-Elvdal ­Hotell
AccommodationKoppang is the town center in Stor-Elvdal Kommune, lying centrally in Østerdalen roughly halfway between Oslo and Trondheim, and with central access from both east and west. Koppang was put on the […]Read more
Storøya ­– ­Summer ­Farm ­Houses ­in ­Forollhogna ­National ­Park
AccommodationStorøya consists of two summer farmhouses from 1874 with a rich history, which are available for rent right next to Forollhogna National Park. The houses are located on a summer farm in […]Read more
Trollheimsporten ­Turiststsenter ­(Tourist ­Center)
AccommodationTrollheimsporten Turistsenter is a diverse vacation destination that is open year round, ideally located at the access to Trollheimen. Here you will find campsites, cabins, and built in camping trailers for rent, as […]Read more
Selbu ­Camping
AccommodationSelbu Camping and the neighboring B. Langseth General Store offer everything you might find yourself in need of during your stay in Selbu. You will find a place to camp, a gas […]Read more
Estuary ­Lodge
AccommodationThe Estuary Lodge is actually a renovated iron workshop, restored to a modern standard while maintaining a rustic style. This is a unique vacation destination in an ideal location. With the Glomma River only […]Read more
Nynes ­– ­A ­Large ­Cabin ­in ­Sandøldalen
AccommodationThe Nynes Cabin has beds for up to 10 people, but we don’t require such a large group for rental. This cabin is a perfect starting point for salmon fishing as well […]Read more
Bjønntjønnan ­Cabin
AccommodationWelcome to the cabins at Bjønntjønnan, surrounded by high mountains with a wide-open view, where you practically can sit reclining in the sun at the cottage while enjoying your fishing and listening to […]Read more
Koversjøhytta ­Cabin
AccommodationKoversjøhytta located at Koversjøen, 950 meters above sea level in Vingelen. Nice accommodation in the mountains for up to 6 people, close to good fishing for fat wild trout.   Koversjøhytta is log […]Read more
Cabin ­by ­the ­lake ­Gjersjøen
AccommodationRead more
The ­Gjersjøhytta ­Cabin
AccommodationGjersjøhytta is located in the mountains on the banks of lake Gjersjøen at 975 meters over sea level, on the border between Forollhonga National Park and the nature reserve. This is a […]Read more
Nessastu ­– ­Your ­Home ­Base ­for ­Trout ­Fishing
AccommodationThe Nessastu Cabin is centrally located in an excellent area for fishing, and makes for a great base camp for day trips to a wide variety of lakes on the property. Many […]Read more
Aakerøien ­Camping
AccommodationAakerøien Camping offers accommodations and vacation experiences in fishing cabins located near the Glomma River in Tynset. The camping is located in it’s own fly fishing only zone on the river where […]Read more
The ­Stabbur ­at ­Aashaugen
AccommodationAt Aashaugen you can stay in the farms Stabbur, the traditional meat drying building, which are common on many of the farms throughout Norway. The Stabbur is renovated and made into a […]Read more