Tynset ­Rooms ­and ­Camping
AccommodationTynset Rooms and Camping is located in Tynset, only meters from river Glomma. Short distance to Røros, Folldal, Alvdal, Savalen and Kvikne.  You can rent cabins and rooms throughout the year. Camping […]Read more
Telstad ­farmstead
AccommodationAccommodation at Telstad farmstead built in 1770. With us you can stay in the main house, the barn or in a cabin. Traditional and evocative, suitable for a good night’s sleep and a […]Read more
Kvennan ­Camping
AccommodationVisit our fisherman’s paradise. Our camp is located in Vingelen in Hedmark county, at the bank of river Glomma right in the middle of the Fly fishing zone at Kvennan Fly Fishing. […]Read more
Trya ­Camping
AccommodationTrya Camping is a pleasant campsite situated at Trønnes in Stor-Elvdal. Situated next to road 3, we are on only a short distance from river Glomma. Trya Camping offers cabins for rent, […]Read more
Koppang ­Camping
AccommodationWelcome to Koppang Camping, a cosy family campsite and features a spacious area with sites for tents, caravans and campers. In addition, there are 20 cabins in various sizes and standards, located at […]Read more
Trysilelva ­Camping
AccommodationTrysilelva Camping, former known as Klara Camping, is idyllically situated on the banks of river Trysilelva and offers great views of the Trysil mountain range. The camping is located just south of […]Read more
Trysil ­Hyttegrend ­Camping
AccommodationTrysil Hyttegrend Camping is located in Øråneset, 2 km south of the town center. We are idyllically situated next to river Trysilelva, with the Trysil mountain range in the background. We offer […]Read more
Birkeneset ­and ­Langlete ­cabins
AccommodationBirkeneset cabin and Langlete cabin offer simple, inexpensive, but functional accommodation at river Unsetåa. Suitable for those who want to stay in an idyllic setting right on the riverside.   Birkeneset cabin […]Read more