If you do not want to spend a lot of precious time to find the best fishing spots, or if you want professional guidance or instruction, please contact one of our fish guides.

Some prefer to fish a little from most people. Get away, or up for that matter. Whether you are looking for the vast fjords or forests of the magic of Femundsmarka, we can help you on your way. Here there are good opportunities for both trout and smoke in areas where most people do not travel. Welcome inside!


Jake ­Semons
GuideType of fishing: Fly fishing, streamer fishing   Experience: Jake enjoys targeting large predatory trout, preferably with a streamer and a sink line, and preferably while drifting a river. Originally from Idaho […]Read more
Drift ­Boat ­Fishing ­with ­Rena ­Fiskecamp
GuideWe are excited to offer you the opportunity to float one of Norways best trout streams with experienced guides. With their custom built boat, the guides at Rena Fiskecamp know how to […]Read more
Explore ­Finnskogen
GuideType of fishing: Fly fishing, spinfishing, and ice fishing. Experience: Explore Finnskogen is a company comprised of several experienced guides with a deep knowledge of the Finnskogen area, and how to effectively fish it. […]Read more
Petter ­Berget
GuideGuide with Rena Fiskecamp Specialty: Flyfishing. Experience: Petter has focused on fly fishing in Renaelva for 15 years. He has a solid knowledge of the river and techniques that produce fish in Rena. He […]Read more
Lågen ­Fly ­Fishing
GuideLågen Fly Fishing consists of five experienced fly fishermen who want to show you around in the Fly Zone on Selvollene or other lakes and rivers in the northern part Gudbrandsdalen. Contact […]Read more
Snorre ­Grønnæss
GuideFly fishing on Gjerfloen fly zone (mainly). I can also do guiding with other fishing gear in other parts of the Trysil river. Pike fishing in the Trysil river.Read more
Martin ­Mikkelsen
GuideType of fishing: Fly fishing. Experience: Martin Mikkelsen has 15 years of experience in fly fishing in the Rena river. You can read an interview with Martin about his guiding in this […]Read more
Marius ­Tollan
GuideMarius Tollan has fly fishing for 20 years, grew up in Tolga by river Glomma. Fishing areas: Glomma, Kvennan Fly Fishing, Vangrofta (Skrukka), Hodalen.Read more
Jean ­Philippe ­Pontier
GuideJean Philippe Pontier, guide for fly Fishing and other fishing techniques. Fishing areaes: Glomma Kvennan Fly Fishing, The River Hola, The lakes in Hodalen.Read more
Hein ­van ­Aar
GuideHein van Aar, experiencehas: 10 years guiding and 20 years fly fishing river Glomma. Fishing areaes: Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing, Hodalen LakesRead more
Espen ­Andre ­Eilertsen
GuideEspen Eilertsen, Experience: Worked as a guide for 20 years. Passionate fly fisher for 25 years. Fishing areas: Trysil/Femundselva, Trysil Kommune.Read more