Roger ­Enger ­Lie

Roger har fisket med flue i 25 år, reiseleder på Kola siden 2011 og kjenner blant annet Renaelva som sin egen bukselomme.

Type of fishing: All types of fly fishing

Experience: Roger has been fishing with a fly for 25 years, a tour guide at Kola since 2011 and knows the Rena River like the back of his hand. Runs the company Enger Lie Outdoor, which focuses on the sale of fly tying material. Has tied flies at trade fairs at home and abroad for the past 12 years. Certified fly fishing guide in EFFA. Has guided fly fishermen for 12 years and always has some tips and tricks lurking.

Language: Norwegian, Swedish, English

Areas: Renaelva , Glomma Åmot og Koppang.


Up to 2 people, full day, NOK 3,000,-
Up to 2 people, half day, NOK 1500,-

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