AccommodationIn the beautiful mountain valley of Spekedalen you will find a house and a boat for rent right in the middle of plentiful fishing opportunities in lakes Spekesjøene and and Speketjøenna, and […]Read more
Kilsbua ­Cabin
AccommodationKilsbua sits in an ideal location only 30 meters from the river banks, in the middle of the fly fishing zone at Unsetåa River. A fully equipped kitchen and 4 beds make this a perfect home base for fishing trips to Rendalen.Read more
AccommodationSølnroa offers a very unique location 9 km drive down a gated road. It has a gorgeous view of Rendalssølen.Read more
Accommodation4 cabins for rent at Mefurua - A hidden gem lying at the foot of the might mountain formation Sølen in Rendalen. The atmosphere and location of Mefurua gives you a true taste of the wilderness.Read more
May ­and ­Fred’s ­Fishing
GuideType of fishing: Fly fishing, boat fishing, and pike fishing. Experience: Fred Olsen is a very skilled angler. He can arrange fly-fishing, pike fishing, and boat fishing upon request. Potential fishing areas for […]Read more
May ­& ­Fred`s ­Fiske/Fritid
Other offeringMay & Fred`s Fiske/Fritid (fishing/leisure) is a small company that is based at Åkrestrømmen in Rendalen municipality.  Our motto is good service, product knowledge. Stop by at our new store in Engerdalsveien 96 […]Read more
Romenstad ­Cabins
AccommodationRomenstad Hytter (cabins) offers rental cabins with varying standards in distinctive surroundings. Located centrally to many attractive fishing rivers in Rendalen, including Unsetåa, Mistra, Sølna, Rena Nord, and Glomma. The cabin was awarded “Olavsrosa” a Norwegian distinction of quality and culture.Read more
Ytre ­Rendal ­Hunting ­and ­Fishing ­Federation
FisheryYtre Rendal JFF (Hutning and Fishing Federation) offers a wide variety of sports fishing opportunities over a wide area in the Rendalen Valley. Nearly endless lakes which are home to trout and grayling, pike fishing in the productive Lake Lomnessjøen, and river fishing for large trout and grayling in the secluded river Nordre Rena.Read more
Lake ­Run ­Trout ­in ­Mistra
FisheryThe River Mistra is renowned for it’s excellent fishing for large lake run trout in a widely varied river, which is ideal for most types of angling. Here you will find everything from slower runs, to deep pools, to wild rapids, and there are many well known fishing holes spread throughout the length of the river.Read more
Lake ­Storsjøen ­in ­Rendalen
FisheryStorsjøen in Rendalen is a popular reservoir for trolling after big trout. Illegally introduced smelt had a positive effect on the trout population, and it’s entire ecosystem is evolving.Read more
Fishing ­in ­Rendalen
FisheryAming widespread forest and characteristic mountain formations you will find many creeks, streams, rivers and lakes which are packed with fish. Welcome to Rendalen municipality!Read more
Horseback ­riding ­in ­Rendalen
Other offeringIn Rendalen you can experience horseback riding in the mountains. It’s located in Unset in Rendalen and is run by  Berit Grindflek and Rune Granås.  It is open year round. From June to […]Read more
AccommodationThe cabin «Flishaugen» is located at Møyåvollen in the Sølendalen valley, in Rendalen Municipality. Møyåvollen is a mountain estate, with over ten houses and cabins. Flishaugen was newly renovated in 2016. The […]Read more
Langmaritåsen ­Wildernes ­Camp
AccommodationLangmaritåsen is a “Wilderness Camp” with beds for up to 15 people, split between two cabins. This property has everything you need to experience a very comfortable wilderness adventure with good friends around the campfire on beautiful summer evenings.Read more
Rundtjønna ­– ­trout ­lake
FisheryBeing a nutrient rich lake, where the trout and arctic char have access to a stabile diet, the growth condition is good. Rundtjønna are a private trout lake in Rendalen municipality.Read more
Birkeneset ­and ­Langlete ­cabins
AccommodationBirkeneset cabin and Langlete cabin offer simple, inexpensive, but functional accommodation at river Unsetåa. Suitable for those who want to stay in an idyllic setting right on the riverside.   Birkeneset cabin […]Read more
Aursjøene ­– ­exclusive ­trout ­lakes
FisheryThe Aursjøene lakes in Rendalen municipality gives you private access to some wonderful fishing areas in beautiful surroundings. The two lakes are completely sheltered and will give you the privacy and solitude many travellers are looking for. The fishing includes the two lakes and a set of rural cabins made up of timber logs.Read more
Unsetåa ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryUnsetåa Fly Fishing Zone is over 12 km long and is ideal for fly fishing. The river varies from rapids to quiet areas, some excellent for spotting fish. The river has wild brown trout and grayling in various sizes, there have been reports of trophy wild browns been caught.Read more
Northern ­Rena ­River ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryThe fishing in the Northern Rena River is challenging, but if you crack the code there is trophy grayling and brown trout to be caught. The fly fishing zone is easily accessible from the road, and is approximately 4,7 km long.Read more
River ­Mistra, ­north
FisheryThe upper parts of Mistra snakes through the idyllic mountainous surroundings, with the majestic Sølen mountain range as back-drop in the southeast. The river varies from big pools, rapids and quiet sections. When you visit Mistra you will experience the quiet solitudeRead more
Spekedalen ­and ­lake ­Sølensjøen
FisherySpekedalen watershed consists of many rivers, ponds and lakes. Among the lakes is the famous Sølensjøen. Spekedalen is picturesque, a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and snow covered peaks. The watershed is perfect for canoeing.Read more
FisheryThis medium sized river has good variation in pace and bottom an is very suited for fly-fishing. River Unsetåa has wild brown trout and grayling in various sizes. The tributary Tysla is a shallow river with a light gravel bottom holding a good stock of brown trout.Read more