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Ytre Rendal JFF (Hutning and Fishing Federation) offers a wide variety of sports fishing opportunities over a wide area in the Rendalen Valley. Nearly endless lakes which are home to trout and […]

Ytre Rendal JFF (Hutning and Fishing Federation) offers a wide variety of sports fishing opportunities over a wide area in the Rendalen Valley. Nearly endless lakes which are home to trout and grayling, pike fishing in the productive Lake Lomnessjøen, and river fishing for large trout and grayling in the secluded river Nordre Rena.


Lake Lomnessjøen offers excellent fishing in the Rendalen Municipality in Hedmark. The lake is 4.2 square km and 7 km long, and 255 meters over sea level. Surrounded by forested hills and farmland, this is a relatively shallow lake with a very healthy population of fish. Here you will find pike, whitefish, roach, perch, grayling, and trout. For many anglers the pike fishing is the big attraction here. This isn’t strange considering the amount of prey the pike have access to including whitefish, perch, and roach. The pike here can grow extremely large.


Lomnesjøen is a part of the Rena watershed, fed by the Nordre Rena. The outlet continues downstream via Åkrestrømmen and into to Lake Storsjøen. In this watershed you will find large fish migrations connected to insect life and spawning seasons. Lomnessjøen has a reasonable population of whitefish, grayling and some trout, but this is not your typical trout lake. However, the density of these species will increase in correlation to their spawning seasons.


Lomnesjøen is perfect for families with small children, as you are guaranteed to find fish. The lake is also ideal for fishing from a boat, canoe, or kayak. It is easily accessible from the road, both along RV 30 on the west and FV 661 on the east.


The Nordre Rena River is dominated by grayling and trout, and offers excellent fishing for these species. However, Nordre Rena is a species rich river, and not only offers good trout and grayling fishing but is also home to plenty of perch, pike, roach, brook lampreys, sculpin, and Eurasian minnow.

Even though you will find plenty of access points, fishing shelters, and grill areas along the river, the Nordre Rena sees very little fishing pressure. Some areas can be difficult to access due to thick vegetation and flood barriers. But, if you are willing to take the journey to the less accessible points of the river the rewards can be great!


As part of the management of the watersheds’ fish population, we ask that you fish responsibly and that large trout be released unharmed. Mature trout help to maintain the population of illegally planted smelts, and large trout are extremely vulnerable to overharvesting. Mature trout play a vital role in the ecosystem.


Fishing Licence

ou may choose to either purchase a fishing license for individual areas, or to purchase a common license for the majority of the Ytre Rendalen area. With purchase of the common license you may also fish in Lake Storsjøen, the river Mistra up to the old dam, and other areas managed by Ytre Rendal JFF, Andrå and Sjøle. With purchase of the common license, which covers a wider area, it is the responsibility of the angler to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations of each individual area they intend to fish.



Fishing license for Ytre Rendal JFF:

24 hr NOK 100,00 | Week NOK 350,00 | Season  NOK 650,00

Common License (Hovedkort):

3 day NOK 350,00 | Week NOK 500,00 | Season NOK 1000,00


Fishing licenses can be purchase online, via SMS, and through various retailers in the area.

Buy fishing licence Report your catch

Fishing Regulations

Regulations for Ytre Rendal JFF: (Excerpt from fishing regulations. Read the complete regulations before fishing)

  • Allowed Tackle:  Allowed fishing tackle consists of a fishing rod and reel either from land or from a boat. All fishing with non-native baitfish species is strictly prohibited. All anglers have the responsibility to show a valid fishing license when asked by anyone. Fishing from a boat, canoe, or other floating devices is only allowed in Lomnesjøen.
  • Fishing Season:
    • Lakes: Trout are protected during the period between September 15th and November 15th
    • Running water: All fishing is forbidden between January 1st to May 20th. Trout are protected from September 1st to December 31st.
  • Catch Reports:  All fishing must be reported via web in order to provide information for responsible management of the watershed.
  • A valid fishing license must be held and shown upon request.
  • Children under 16 years may fish for free.
  • Failure to follow the regulations may lead to a fine or arrest.

Other Information

Show respect for farmed land and please do not walk across fields.

If you pack it in, pack it out. Taking care of the environment is our joint responsibility.

Always use marked parking places whenever possible.

Show respect to private land, and others you meet along your way.


Ytre Rendal JFF on Facebook |  Complete fishing regulations (in norwegian only)(pdf)

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