The cabin «Flishaugen» is located at Møyåvollen in the Sølendalen valley, in Rendalen Municipality. Møyåvollen is a mountain estate, with over ten houses and cabins. Flishaugen was newly renovated in 2016. The […]

The cabin «Flishaugen» is located at Møyåvollen in the Sølendalen valley, in Rendalen Municipality. Møyåvollen is a mountain estate, with over ten houses and cabins. Flishaugen was newly renovated in 2016. The cabin offers accommodation for 8 people and is located with a panorama view of the surrounding mountains on all sides. Setervollen below can be seen behind a pine forest, and is not far from the baren high mountains.

The Flishaugen cabin consists of a living room, kitchen, entry hall, 2 bedrooms with 2 beds in each, and a loft with 4 beds. The cabin is 78 square meters, and lies in a sunny location complete with a terrace overlooking the south, and one overlooking the west. Two woodstoves provide heating, and a 12 V solar panel provides charging for mobile devices and accessories. Lighting is provided via paraffin lamps, and a propane oven and stove do the cooking. A 4 square meter cellar provides cool storage for food right underneath the kitchen. Water can be retrieved from the creek running by the cabin 50 meters away. There is a fireplace and on the terrace as well as good quality garden furniture.

There is a nice road leading all the way to the cabin, as well as to other cabins in the area. Sølendalen and the surrounding mountains consist of gently sloping hillsides and flats, offering excellent opportunities for biking. Fishing licenses for the area can be purchased on line (see the link below), or at the gate where the mountain road begins right above the town of Unset. Please note that there is varying mobile coverage in the area, and this can be largely dependent upon the mobile service provider.

The River Sølna runs below the cabin and is an excellent trout and grayling stream. Fly fish with dries or wet flies, drift worms, or fish with a spinner. The choice is yours. There are many nice still flowing sections of river that are ideal for fishing from a canoe, drift boat, or belly boat. During higher water flows the fishing is typically excellent right above the rapids. A road leads down to the river in several locations, so access is great and shuttling a canoe or drift boat is easily done. The headwaters of the Mistra River spout out from this area, and Lake Mistertjønna and the upper Mistra river are also fishable. Otherwise you will also find the River Orva, Lake Orvsjøen, and the River Speka not too far away.

Little Sølensjø Nature Reserve is rich in wildlife. The Sølna flows lazily from Sølenkroken southwards. Here you can paddle to Lake Arasjøen, where you will likely see fish eagles out on the hunt. You can also paddle downstream to Sølensjøen where a fishing embankment is near the north end of the lake. The embankment is one of several in Rendalen allowing handicapped access, and can be quite busy in the summer.

Flishaugen is a simple, but very comfortable cabin that makes for an excellent base camp for a wide variety of activities including Fishing, canoeing, biking, hiking, hunting in Rendalen, or just simply spotting wildlife. Join the reindeer, beavers, and birds for some relaxing berry plucking in the evenings.

To rent Flishaugen click the link “booking” below. Please note the cabin rules for cancellations.


Getting Here

From the South: Take RV 3 from Elverum. After roughly 130 km you will come to Hanestad Vertshus. Turn to the right towards “Rendalen”. After roughly 17 km you will find the Rendalen Church, and you will turn to the left here on FV 30. After 5 km you will come to Elvål, and turn to the right towards Unset.

From the North: From Tynset you will drive southwards on FV 30 through Tylldalen. After 5 km you will come to Elvål. Turn to the left towards Unset..

From here you will drive from Unset in Rendalen. From Unset you will take “fjellveien” eastwards.

This is a toll road, and the toll gate here takes debit cards only. First you will drive up the hill, then over the mountain. After 20 km you will come to a fork in the road. Take the north fork “Nørdre Sølendalsvei”  to the right heading south. This leads to Møyavollen. In the pine forest before Vollen, hold to the right and drive over a bridge. Down at vollen take the first road up to the right, and follow this road for 100 m. Congratulations, you made it!

Find the cabin on the map here: www.kommunekart.com. Choose kommune: «Rendalen», search the address «Nordre Sølendalen 610, Rendalen».

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