Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­26

New fishing report from the week that has passed. Week 26 was once again a period of glorious weather, without precipitation of significance. And it is well noticable in our rivers! The […]

New fishing report from the week that has passed. Week 26 was once again a period of glorious weather, without precipitation of significance. And it is well noticable in our rivers! The water level is now so low in most of the rivers in eastern Norway that it becomes worrisome if there`s no rain soon. But however low water levels – Fishing is still good!

Photo: Bjørnar Hansen.

In Rena River, there was a great hatch of small caddis during the full moon, and huge quantities of fish where rising on them. The fish became very selective, and until you found the right fly, everything that was served was totally ignored.

Photo: Anders Dahl Eriksen.

But when finally the right fly was put on, fishing became exellent! Trout, gryling and white fish stod side by side and rose more than willingly to the surface.

Photo: Brant Fageraas.

The Mayflies are hathing Rena river at the moment, among others the yellow mayfly Heptagenia Sulphurea. As we can see in the video from Henrik Leth at Brakvand Tours at the top of this article, mayflies provide good fishing during the day as well.

Photo: Brant Fageraas.

And the grayling have been more than willing to feed on them.

Photo: Brant Fageraas.

Getting acquainted with big fish has become “common” in Rena River over the years. Here a pretty nice grayling beeing released to the river after a short visti to the fishermans net.

Photo: Bjørnar Hansen.

Last Sunday, at the Grimsbutjønnan Lakes in Folldal the fish had a feeding frenzy and seemed to feed on whtever they came across. However, mosquitoes and otherwise small and black insects seemed to be the favorites still.

Photo: Bjørnar Hansen.

It is incredibly fun and instructive to watch the fish under such conditions, how it moves around in searh of items to feed upon.

Photo: Berns Ziesche/ Sexyloops.

Berns Ziesche continues his roundabout in parts of the Fishspot area. This time he, accompanied by fishing guide Hein Van Aar, visited the Hodals Lakes at Tolga. As the image shows, the result was empeccable! Among several nice grylings, including this beautiful grayling. They also caught some nice white fish and perch, both challenging specimens on the fly, providing exciting fishing.

Photo: Kjell Rakkenes, www.rakkenes.com.

Kjell and Lukas Rakkenes are also on a trip with the fishing rods ready for action. This time they have been to Tydal where water levels and temperatures have been just right.  Fishing has been good trouhgout the whole day, but especially good during morning and evening, with mayfly spinner, caddis pupae and egg-laying stoneflies and caddis. They report a lot of nice fish around one kilo, and some even larger.

Photo: Øystein Solstad.

Øystein Solstad from Laagen Fly Fishing has visited Sjodalen at the edge of the Jotunheimen Mountain area . Crystal clear water and beautiful weather set the foundation for a nice fishing trip.

Video: Øystein Solstad.

Photo: Rickard Linnskog.

Rickard Linnskog has visited the river Vangrøfta. And it is safe to say he did so at the right time! The large mayfly Ephemera Danica was hatching, making big trout more than willing to rise to the fly. This resulted in, among others, this 1.9 kilo trout.

Photo: Grøftoterne.

A group of friends, calling themselves “Grøftoterne” (translatet: Otters of Vangrøfta), have gradually become a common feature in river Vangrøfta, and last week a new trip was due. They have sent us some pictures from the trip. Above we see “Brufossen”which marks the lower part of the Vangrøfta Fly Fishing Zone, showing how low the water flow it is currently.

Photo: Grøftoterne.

But even though the water flow is sparse, there are still good fishing opportunities in the river. The otherwise calm river becomes even more slow-flowing and the challenges increase for the fisherman …

Photo: Grøftoterne.

… but “Grøftoterne” are unstopable, as their groupname suggests, they know how to catch the nice trouts, despite the low water level.