The ­Hodalen ­lakes

The Hodalen lakes consist of several connected mountain lakes.

The Hodalen lakes consist of several connected mountain lakes. The greater part of the lakes is easy accessible and offers a diverse fishing, between the lakes you will find small streams that  invite you for some exiting fishing. With it´s picturesque surroundings is a true gem for the angler who enjoys stunning nature.

Most of the Hodalen lakes is for general fishing, but you also have areas for the specialist: Drengen Fly Fishing Zone. The specialist area have its own license.

Fishing License


Fishing license, including “Drengen Fly fishing zone”:

Day 150,-NOK | Week 400,- NOK | Season 800,- NOK*

* The season license gives you the right to fish on all the zones. Make sure to know and follow the rules for the zone you are fishing in.

Fishing license,  the fly fishing zone NOT included:

Day 100,-NOK | Week 300,- NOK

Licenses can be obtained either online (click the button) or from various vendors in the area (gas stations, campsites, tourist office etc.)

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Fishing Rules

  • Fishing season all year. Trout are protected from the 15th of September – 31st of October.
  • You are allowed to use worm, lure, spinner or fly when fishing.
  • The fishing license is personal and only valid with a personal Id.
  • All children under the age of 16 years fish for free.
  • “Drengen Fly Fishing Zone” have special rules.
  • Violations of the rules might result in prosecution
  • Game warden phone number: (+47) 91 68 47 15

Other Information

Show respect for farmed fields, do not walk across but walk on the edges. Respect local residents and only use marked parking places (see maps.). Remember that the atmosphere on and around the river is our common responsibility. Respect other anglers and bring your garbage back with you, don’t leave it in nature.


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