Glomma ­– ­Tolga
FisheryThis part of the Glomma river runs through the Tolga village. Trout is the dominant species of this part of Glomma, but in the deeper pools you can also find grayling.   […]Read more
Glomma ­– ­Tynset
FisheryGlomma- Tynset is well suited for different styles of sport fishing, from hunting the big pike to taking on the challenge to fly fish whitefish with light gear. The worm fisherman will […]Read more
Glomma ­River ­in ­Åmot
FisheryThe Rena River with its good qualities is well known among many anglers, in addition you have Glomma, Åsta, Søre-Osa and Julussa which can give you thrilling fishing experiences. The Åmot River board […]Read more
River ­Hola ­and ­Langsjøen ­lake
FisheryThe Hola and Langsjøen zone covers a big area. The river is well suited for light spin fishing, fly fishing and worm fishing. The river is easy accessible in most places, which makes it a good alternative […]Read more
FisheryKvikne offers approximately 80 small and big bodies of water,  and 160 km of rivers and streams. Brown trout is the dominant species but you can also encounter arctic char. The license does not cover some rives stretches […]Read more
River ­fishing ­in ­upper ­Orkla
FisheryThe upper Orkla is a trout river with plenty of fish in good condition. The best trout fishing is in early season when good sized fish is not uncommon.  After Orkla was […]Read more
River ­Mistra, ­north
FisheryThe upper parts of Mistra snakes through the idyllic mountainous surroundings, with the majestic Sølen mountain range as back-drop in the southeast. The river varies from big pools, rapids and quiet sections. When you visit […]Read more
Spekedalen ­and ­lake ­Sølensjøen
FisherySpekedalen watershed consists of many rivers, ponds and lakes. Among the lakes is the famous Sølensjøen. Spekedalen is picturesque, a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and snow covered peaks. The watershed is perfect for […]Read more
FisheryThis medium sized river has good variation in pace and bottom an is very suited for fly-fishing. River Unsetåa has wild brown trout and grayling in various sizes. The tributary Tysla is a shallow […]Read more
River ­Fishing ­in ­Tydal
FisheryTydal is well known for it’s good fishing in it’s mountain lakes, but did you know that this area offers fantastic trout fishing in running water? In Tydal you will find the […]Read more