Running water is simply fascinating. Whether you are young, old, big, or small, it is both powerful and soothes the soul. Many anglers enjoy fishing running water above all else, whether they prefer drifting worms, swinging streamers, or drifting nymphs and dries.

Here you will find plenty of excellent rivers to be fished, each of which offer unique opportunities for fishing and a variety of species to target. Some rivers are also very accessible, making it quick and easy to hit the water. In Norway’s rivers you will find plenty of opportunity for all types of fishing!

Fishing ­Otta ­river ­in ­Skjåk
FisheryThe River Otta begins in the far western reaches of Skjåk, and it winds its way along Riksveg 15 for 70 km throughout Skjåk. This river system offers many opportunites for easy […]Read more
Lake ­Run ­Trout ­in ­Mistra
FisheryThe River Mistra is renowned for it’s excellent fishing for large lake run trout in a widely varied river, which is ideal for most types of angling. Here you will find everything […]Read more
Lågen ­Fishing ­River ­in ­Gudbrandsdalen ­valley
FisheryGudbrandsdalslågen (Lågen) and its tributaries are recognized as some of the best fisheries in Norway for inland species. Here you will find a wide variation throughout the river system, and a similarly […]Read more
Glomma ­in ­Stor-Elvdal
FisheryThe River Glomma is one of Norways best and most diverse when it comes to fishing, and is also the longest. 80 km of the Glomma runs through Stor-Elvdal Municipality in Østerdalen. […]Read more
Trysilelva ­(Trysil ­River)
FisheryTrysilelva offers almost 100 km of varied fishing opportunities. No matter how you prefer to fish, this river has something for all sports fishermen. Trout and grayling in in the faster moving […]Read more
Ljøra ­river ­i ­Trysil
FisheryLjøra River, is a medium sized river found in eastern Trysil Kommune and offers great grayiling and trout fishing and a great variety of water. This river is a good choice for […]Read more
The ­Rena ­River
FisheryThe Rena River is considered by many to be one of the most attractive rivers in Norway. The long gliding stretches and an abundant insect life make it a perfect habitat for big grayling, […]Read more
Glomma ­river ­– ­Galåen ­stretch
FisheryThe Galåen stretch in Glomma river offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities, all kind of anglers will find their spot here. In the upper part trout and grayling are the dominant species, and this […]Read more
Glomma ­river ­– ­The ­Os ­and ­Erlia ­stretch
FisheryThis section of the Glomma river is called Os and Erlia. On this beat beat you will find many glides, riffles and good pools. The upper part of Glomma varies between rapids […]Read more
Glomma ­– ­Rendalen
FisheryThe Rendalen part of the mighty Glomma river is dominated by trout, whitefish and grayling. The river is easily accessible along the whole East bank and also on the West bank from […]Read more
Glomma ­– ­Tolga
FisheryThis part of the Glomma river runs through the Tolga village. Trout is the dominant species of this part of Glomma, but in the deeper pools you can also find grayling. The […]Read more
Glomma ­– ­Tynset
FisheryGlomma- Tynset is well suited for different styles of sport fishing, from hunting the big pike to taking on the challenge to fly fish whitefish with light gear. The worm fisherman will […]Read more
Glomma ­River ­in ­Åmot
FisheryThe Rena River with its good qualities is well known among many anglers, in addition you have Glomma, Åsta, Søre-Osa and Julussa which can give you thrilling fishing experiences. The Åmot River board […]Read more
River ­fishing ­in ­upper ­Orkla
FisheryThe upper Orkla is a trout river with plenty of fish in good condition. The best trout fishing is in early season when good sized fish is not uncommon.  Zone Information After […]Read more
River ­Mistra, ­north
FisheryThe upper parts of Mistra snakes through the idyllic mountainous surroundings, with the majestic Sølen mountain range as back-drop in the southeast. The river varies from big pools, rapids and quiet sections. When you visit […]Read more
FisheryThis medium sized river has good variation in pace and bottom an is very suited for fly-fishing. River Unsetåa has wild brown trout and grayling in various sizes. The tributary Tysla is a shallow […]Read more
River ­Fishing ­in ­Tydal
FisheryTydal is well known for it’s good fishing in it’s mountain lakes, but did you know that this area offers fantastic trout fishing in running water? In Tydal you will find the […]Read more