John ­Bond
GuideJohn har jobbet som fiskeguide i de kjente elvene i Montana i USA. John kan gi deg verdifull hjelp enten du ønsker å fiske med tørrflue, nymfe eller streamer. John er også guide om du ønsker å fiske fra driftbåt.Read more
Rena ­Fishcamp
AccommodationThe Fishcamp is considered by many anglers in Norway to be the mothership.Read more
Martin ­Mikkelsen
GuideFly Fishing guide. Main area: Rena river and Glomma in Aamot, Stor-Elvdal and ElverumRead more
Jake ­Semons
GuideTake a day with Jake and improve your streamer fishing and boating skills.Read more
Fishing ­Cabin ­on ­Rena ­River
AccommodationThe Raudhammerkoia Cabin lies on the banks of the River Rena at Raudstrømmen. Rena is known for its excellent fishing. The cabin lies right on the bank, perfect for scouting for rising trout from the veranda.Read more
Åmot ­River ­Association: ­5 ­Rivers ­– ­One ­License
FisheryCommon License for Rena River – well known among fishermen throughout Europe for its big trout and grayling – in addition to the Glomma, Åsta, Søre Osa and Julussa rivers. Each of these rivers offers its own unique fishing opportunities.Read more
Intersport ­Rena
Other offeringIntersport Rena is a full service sporting goods store specializing in fishing, biking, cross country skiing, and training equipment. With a wide range of products, many good deals, and excellent customer service, […]Read more
Sport ­1 ­Rena
Other offeringSport 1 Rena is a fully assorted sporting goods store run by sporting enthusiasts. The shop is engaged with the renowned Birkebeinerrittet and Birkebeinerrennet (famous Norwegian ski races), and is the areas […]Read more
Drift ­Fishing ­with ­Rena ­Fiskecamp
GuideWith their custom built boat, the guides at Rena Fiskecamp know how to put their clients onto both big fish and large numbers of fishRead more
Petter ­Berget
GuideGuides primarily Rena river but also Glomma (Åmot and Stor Elvdal). Read more
Stormandstuen ­cabin
AccommodationStormandstuen is a very nice cabin with close proximity to the mighty Rena river. Next to the cabin you will find two private lakes with a good stock of trout. “Stormandstuen”, which is […]Read more
The ­Rena ­River
FisheryThe Rena River is considered by many to be one of the most attractive rivers in Norway. The long gliding stretches and an abundant insect life make it a perfect habitat for big grayling, trout and whitefish.Read more
Rena ­River ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryThe Rena River is one of the most attractive rivers in Norway. It has a healthy stock of brown trout, grayling and with fish all in trophy sizes.Read more
Glomma ­River ­in ­Åmot
FisheryThe Rena River with its good qualities is well known among many anglers, in addition you have Glomma, Åsta, Søre-Osa and Julussa which can give you thrilling fishing experiences. Read more