Common License for Rena River – well known among fishermen throughout Europe for its big trout and grayling – in addition to the Glomma, Åsta, Søre Osa and Julussa rivers. Each of these rivers offers its own unique fishing opportunities.

Rena River is one of the most attractive trout and grayling streams in all of Norway. The layout of the river with it’s long slow rolling currents, and extremely rich insect life, sets the stage for an amazing dry fly fishery with a very healthy population of trout and grayling. There have been trout caught over 7 kilo in Rena River.

Søndre Rena stretches from the outlet of Storsjøen (Storsjødammen) to the Rena’s confluence with the Glomma, flowing for roughly 30 km before the rivers meet. Roughly 6 km upstream from the confluence you will find the Løpsjøen Dam and power station. Løpsjøen is a roughly 5 km long reservoir. On the upper stretch of Søndre Rena you will find the fly fishing zone, which is roughly 5 km long, and here only classic fly fishing is allowed, in which the line provides the weight necessary for casting.

The Glomma is widely varied in Åmot. North of the confluence with Rena you will find many swifter currents, runs, and seams, broken up by deeper slower flowing sections. The river south of the town of Rena is much wider, deeper, and slower than the upper section. The most dominant species here are trout, grayling, whitefish, and pike. You will find all species spread throughout the entire river.

Julussa is a beautiful and exciting little river that runs through a forest wilderness, slow and meandering in its journey towards Rena River. The fish here aren’t always huge, but the river still offers exciting fishing. Here you will find trout, and very few pike. Julussa’s slow meandering flow makes it ideal for canoeing.

Søre Osa is a river rich in fish with a high number of smaller trout. Søre Osa begins at the outlet of Osensjøen, along Valmen and into the Rena just above Løpsjøen. This river is the most ideal of the five for taking children fishing, and getting them hooked on it. In Søre Osa, everyone catches fish. This river is primarily a trout stream, but you will also find other species including grayling, burbot, perch, Eurasian minnow, and sculpin. In 2010 there was a 5 kg trout caught in Søre Osa. The river descends quickly in some stretches, but has very nice pools spread throughout its length. All methods of rod and reel fishing work well in Søre Osa.

The Åsta river runs from Øyerfjellet in the Ringebu area, and it cuts deeply into the landscape on it’s journey towards the Glomma. This river consists primarily of rapids and faster flowing sections, broken up by relatively large and deep pools. This river is ideal for light spinning tackle, or for drifting worms and sinkers. Early in the spring large trout run up the Åsta from the Glomma. In the summer you will find consistently good trout and grayling fishing here.

The Åmot River Association offers two types of fishing licenses. One which covers all five of the rivers listed above, and one that is only valid in the Glomma, Åsta, Julussa, and Søre Osa, within the area that they manage.

Fishing License


License that cover Søndre Rena, Glomma, Julussa, Søre Osa and Åsta.

Day license 190.- NOK | 2 day license 345,- NOK | Week license 615,- NOK | Season license 1000,- NOK

License that cover Glomma, Julussa, Søre Osa and Åsta.

Day license 105.- NOK | 2 day license 190,- NOK | Week license 340,- NOK | Season license 600,- NOK

Licenses can be obtained either online (click the button), SMS or various vendors in the area (gas stations, campsites, tourist office etc.)

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Fishing Rules

Highlights, for complete regulations look under other information and follow the link

  • Rena River: Fishing season from 1st of May until 31st of October, trout are protected from 15th of September. Løpsjøen up to Holmbo are an exception: here you can fish all year, but trout are protected from 15th of September to last Friday before the 21st of May.
  • Søre Osa river: Fishing season from 1. june until 14. september.
  • All trout caught in closed season have to be released even if the fish is damaged
  • Preservation Areas:
    • Be aware of protection zones. Such zones are found i relation to powerplant dams and fish ladders.
  • Minimum size, maximum size and bag limit:
    • “Søndre Rena” upstreams of Løpet power dam: No catching regulation on stocked trout (fat fin removed). Wild brown trout, 1 fish per angler per 24 hour period, all trout over 40 cm have to be released. Grayling, 1 grayling per angler per 24-hour period, all grayling over 40 cm have to be released.
    • “Søndre Rena” downstream of Løpet power dam: No catching regulation on stocked trout (fat fin removed). Wild brown trout, 3 fish per angler per 24 hour period, all trout over 40 cm have to be released. Grayling, 3 grayling per angler per 24-hour period, all grayling over 40 cm have to be released.
    • Glomma:  Minimum length is 30 cm for Grayling and Trout. Baglimit: 5 trout and 5 grayling pr day/fisherman.
  • Anglers must bring a measure tape, if in doubt caught fish must be released.
  • The fishing license is personal and only valid with a personal Id.
  • All children under the age of 16 years fish for free.
  • Violations of the rules might result in prosecution.

Other Information

Show respect for farmed fields, do not walk across but walk on the edges. Respect local residents and only use marked parking places (see maps.). Remember that the atmosphere on and around the river is our common responsibility. Respect other anglers and bring your garbage back with you, don’t leave it in nature.

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