Late ­season ­grayling ­fishing ­in ­Glomma

Fishspot ambassador Jon Erlend Sundnes is stretching his season with a trip to Glomma in the Koppang area, and he can report the following.


Fishspot ambassador Jon Erlend Sundnes is stretching his season with a trip to Glomma in the Koppang area, and he can report the following.

Jon Erlend: With the trout closed down for fishing most places, many fishermen have packed down their equipment and draped themselves in a woolen blanket at the vice, while waiting for spring. Personally i like to keep on fishing as long as the season permits it. I also figured it would be nice with a change from Rena river, in which i fish most of the time.
The Glomma river is open the whole year for Grayling fishing, and not having fished there before, is set my course for Koppang. This late in the season, some of the places that offer accommodation are closed down, so if you are planning some late season fishing, make sure to make some calls.


We lived at Koppang Camping who kept open just for us and our group. Down stream from them there are many islands and the river splits up into several sections. The water levels now is low, and this makes wading a breeze. You can check out the water level here. (look for Stai-Messelfoss for Koppang )


Regarding insects it was spars on Friday when we got up there. Some duns, stone flies, and some midges was just enough to make the grayling rise. The first days catches was not the best and we packed in before sundown.  Saturday was calm and sunny and the level of insects was about the same, with the rising kicking off at around twelve o’clock.

First fish in the net was around one kilo. Myself and my friend had around 15 fish of about 300 grams and one kilo in a few hours. Getting a bit bored with it, i started searching for bigger fish. Eventually I found deep backwash that held many bigger grayling. The biggest one at about 1,5 kilo I managed to scare off.


In short there was just enough caddis to keep them rising and i had about 15 fish in one hour. Ten of them over one kilo. At that point I chose to head back to the others. If you are a bit flimsy like myself, you can easily get briefly lost among the islands.


Sunday the weather conditions where poor with overcast and low temperatures. Anyway; late season fishing is great, and my advice is to keep to the deeper sections and to find the bigger fish. Look at the forecast for warm weather.

Tight lines
Jon Erlend Sundnes.