Wilderness Fishing

Feel the tranquility, hear the birds singing, the wind breezing lightly in the treetops. No cars, no smartphones – it’s you and the nature.

You’re on the bank, casting straight. Right past the rising fish, waiting for it the respond in the other end. Your thoughts drifting around todays catch, the campfire and the experience of you and nature finding peace when the sun sets for today.

Some fishermen prefer to fish solo. Being alone, out in the wild. To get away from it all. Disconnect from the daily routine. Connecting to nature.

Either you’re searching for the mountain plateaus or the old forest in Femundsmarka, we can help you. Here you will find areas and spots where most people don’t journey often.Welcome to nature!


Mountain ­fishing ­in ­Skjåk
FisheryThe Skjåk area offers countless opportunities for those who look for mountain fishing in peace and tranquility. Breheimen and Reinheimen National Parks is unique wilderness areas that can provide you with mountain […]Read more
Femundsmarka ­National ­Park
FisheryFemundsmarka national park is well known for it characteristic wilderness with old pine, stone blocks and numerous lakes and ponds. In the national park the possibility of big trout, arctic char or […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Jotunheimen
FisheryThe Common License for Jotunheimen is put together for adventurers who want to make fishing a part of their backpacking trip through this large and beautiful area. This makes it easier to […]Read more
East ­Hardangervidda
FisheryUpper Numedal Fjellstyre (board of public lands) manages the fishing in 57 water systems within a 13000 acre area in East Hardangervidda.  These public lands are centrally located in Hardangervidda and border […]Read more
Heggsjøene ­in ­Snåsa
FisheryAt Heggsjøene in Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park you will have the opportunity to come into contact with big wild trout, surrounded by mountain birch forests and marshlands at the foot of Imsdalsfjellet and […]Read more
Mountain ­Fishing ­under ­Sylan ­in ­Tydal
FisheryCome and experience the fishing for char and trout in the shadows of the iconic mountains ranges of Sylan and Skardsfjella, near the border of Sweden. This is in many ways the […]Read more
Mountain ­fishing ­in ­Dindalen
FisheryThe fishing here is widely varied and exciting, in the northern portion of Dovrefjell – Sunndalsfjella National Park. Here you can fish in all of the lakes and streams in Dindalen in Oppdal […]Read more
FisherySnaufjellvatnet, (bald mountain lake) in the heart of Akselfjella mountains, has a self-explanatory name. The rugged high mountain surroundings stretch for as far as the eye can see, with mighty peaks in […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Holtålen ­Wilderness ­Area
FisheryThe Holtålen wilderness area offers an array of exciting lakes with opportunities for both trout and char fishing, but you will need to lace up the hiking boots and load up the […]Read more
Wilderness ­fishing ­in ­Reinheimen ­National ­park
FisheryIf you are in search of fishing mountainous areas, tranquility and solitude, Skjåk municipality can offer numerous options. The fishing licence covers the entirety of the municipality, and it consist of over 200 bodies of water and over 259 km with rivers. The Reinheimen Nasjonalpark […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella ­National ­Park
FisheryThe beautiful Åmotsdalen offers real wilderness experiences in majestic high mountain nature. Here you will a wide variety of high mountain lakes packed with trout of excellent quality. You can also fish […]Read more
Dovrefjell ­and ­Reinheimen ­National ­Parks
FisheryDovrefjell and Reinheimen National Parks offer a wide array of exciting lakes, creeks, and rivers to be fished in a breathtaking setting surrounded by wild nature and ancient monuments. Experiencing the mountains […]Read more