Vestsjøberget ­Fly ­Fishing

Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers a very diverse stretch in the Trysil river. There are slow flowing areas that are perfect for dry fly fishing and faster stretches perfectly suited for nymph- and […]

Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers a very diverse stretch in the Trysil river. There are slow flowing areas that are perfect for dry fly fishing and faster stretches perfectly suited for nymph- and streamer fishing as well. The Trysil river has a rich insect life, and the highlights is the large hatches of the Danica mayfly.


About Vestsjøberget Fly fishing
Vestsjøberget Fly fishing offers exclusive fishing in the 6,5 kilometer river beat. The offer is based on one week bookings, for up to eight people sharing the nicely facilitated cabin. What is unique about this place, and especially by Norwegian norms, is that the fishing is exclusive.  You will have the river to yourself, and with no public roads you will get a feeling of wilderness and solitude. It is hard describe the size of the massive Trysil river, but the video below will give you a good description of  it.


Perfect for groups
If you are a group of friends, or maybe a excursion for you company or business partners, or maybe you just want a big river beat to yourself – Vestsjøberget is the perfect place for you. Most of the guests speak warmly about the lazy evenings on the bank with warm self made food and a drink by the fireplace. This is a place for leisure where you spend time at your own pace. The place is also perfect if you are a beginner at fly fishing, as the river is easily waded for spacious back cast. Also the moderate sized grayling is numerous and tend to be more obliging than the bigger fish, this is very helpful for the beginner fly fisher.


The fishing
6,5 kilometer of private water gives even a group of eight plenty of space, in fact you will not be able to cover all the water in a week even if you try. The waters are governed with catch and release and have been since 1991. The dominating species is grayling with sizes up to 45 cm and an average of 32 cm, but you will also find good sized trout all though not in the same numbers as grayling. Presenting a streamer in the faster waters is always a good pitch for the trout. The insect life is varied with an array of mayfly species, caddis and stonefly, however the grayling is usually not too picky. The hatching is good all trough summer. It can get tricky in the height of summer if the water warms up, but even in tough conditions you will drag up a fish or two. In the early spring and late autumn the hatching is not that good, but fishing with nymphs is very effective, especially using the  “Czech nymph technique“.

Map over the river.


The accommodation
The lodge has three bedrooms with eight beds, two living rooms, a kitchen and of course toilet and bathroom. You can send the evenings on the large deck or by the fireplace in the living room. the house is places next to a farm with only a 3 minute car ride to the river. Included is clean out at the end of the stay, bed linen and towels.


Vestsjøberget paint 2

A nice living room and  open kitchen invite for pleasant and social evenings.



Bedrooms and bathroom holds high standard with a rustic touch.


Vestsjøberget paint

Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers nice residence and good fishing.



Staying one week from Sunday to Saturday. Up to 5 persons, exclusive fly fishing and accommodation in timber lodge :  10.003  NOK
In addition,  1.000 NOK for each person over 5 persons. Maximum 8 persons.

Contact us if you are interested or have questions.





Anders Nyhuus
Phone:  (+47) 905 09 433  |  E-mail:


Travel and other information

Trysil river and Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing are located at 165 km distance from Oslo Gardermoen Airport. It takes about a 2 hours drive.
Trysil is situated about 25 km north of Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing. There is a good variety of grocery stores, sports shops, restaurants and so on.

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