Roger ­Enger ­Lie
GuideRoger har fisket med flue i 25 år, reiseleder på Kola siden 2011 og kjenner blant annet Renaelva som sin egen bukselomme.Read more
Marius ­Tollan
GuideMarius Tollan has been fly fishing for 30 years, grew up in Tolga by river Glomma. Fishing areas: Glomma, Kvennan Fly Fishing, Vangrofta (Skrukka), and Hodalen.Read more
John ­Bond
GuideJohn har jobbet som fiskeguide i de kjente elvene i Montana i USA. John kan gi deg verdifull hjelp enten du ønsker å fiske med tørrflue, nymfe eller streamer. John er også guide om du ønsker å fiske fra driftbåt.Read more
Rena ­Fishcamp
AccommodationThe Fishcamp is considered by many anglers in Norway to be the mothership.Read more
Martin ­Mikkelsen
GuideFly Fishing guide. Main area: Rena river and Glomma in Aamot, Stor-Elvdal and ElverumRead more
Jake ­Semons
GuideTake a day with Jake and improve your streamer fishing and boating skills.Read more
AccommodationIn the beautiful mountain valley of Spekedalen you will find a house and a boat for rent right in the middle of plentiful fishing opportunities in lakes Spekesjøene and and Speketjøenna, and […]Read more
Kilsbua ­Cabin
AccommodationKilsbua sits in an ideal location only 30 meters from the river banks, in the middle of the fly fishing zone at Unsetåa River. A fully equipped kitchen and 4 beds make this a perfect home base for fishing trips to Rendalen.Read more
AccommodationSølnroa offers a very unique location 9 km drive down a gated road. It has a gorgeous view of Rendalssølen.Read more
Accommodation4 cabins for rent at Mefurua - A hidden gem lying at the foot of the might mountain formation Sølen in Rendalen. The atmosphere and location of Mefurua gives you a true taste of the wilderness.Read more
Vigga ­Vekst
AccommodationGården min på Lora er freda og har verneverdige bygninger rundt et tun. Husene er restaurert og bygd ut slik at de er tidsmessige, men ivaretatt i den gamle stilen. Byggeåret 1631 […]Read more
Søre ­Traasdahl ­Hyttetun
AccommodationHyttene ligger samla rundt et tun ca 8 km fra Dombås. Her kan du finne fine turstier i nærmiljøet eller velge mer ambisiøse toppturer. Lågen renner et steinkast fra hyttetunet og er […]Read more
Kolstad ­Gård
AccommodationHovedhuset/Gammelstuggu Helårsutleie. Bo komfortabelt i det gamle hovedhuset på garden – totalrenovert i 2010. Leilighet 1: Inneholder koselig stue, romslig bad og kjøkken, Soveplass på stua i seng og på sofa med […]Read more
Lora ­and ­Lågen ­in ­Lesja
FisheryGudbrandsdalslågen and Lora offers exciting fishing. During good conditions you can easily see the fish. The fishing is easily accessible, and there are two separate fly-fishing only sections which together are make up roughly 9 km of river.Read more
May ­and ­Fred’s ­Fishing
GuideType of fishing: Fly fishing, boat fishing, and pike fishing. Experience: Fred Olsen is a very skilled angler. He can arrange fly-fishing, pike fishing, and boat fishing upon request. Potential fishing areas for […]Read more
The ­“Pannhuset” ­at ­Nordre ­Brænd ­farm ­in ­Sollia
AccommodationNewly renovated brewery house on authentic farm at the base of mighty RondaneRead more
Borgen ­– ­Where ­Hamsun ­wrote ­in ­Sollia
AccommodationStay in the very cabin where Knut Hamsen lived, right next to Atnfossen and Atnsjøen. Fish for trout, char, and grayling, right next to the cabin! Read more
The ­Heggebotthytta ­Cabin
AccommodationHeggebotthytta is an easily accessible adventure base with a good standard and a view of lake Heggebottvatnet and Breheimen National Park. The cabin is available for both shorter and longer periods and […]Read more
May ­& ­Fred`s ­Fiske/Fritid
Other offeringMay & Fred`s Fiske/Fritid (fishing/leisure) is a small company that is based at Åkrestrømmen in Rendalen municipality.  Our motto is good service, product knowledge. Stop by at our new store in Engerdalsveien 96 […]Read more
The ­River ­Vangrøfta
FisheryThe River Vangrøfta is a perfect river for those fly fishers that like to hunt for wild trophy brown trout. This river has a limited number of licenses available each day.Read more
Fishing ­on ­Skjåk ­Public ­Lands
FisheryGrayling fishing in River Otta, high-mountain fishing in Breheimen, extended backpacking/fishing trips in Reinheimen, or family fishing at Grotli. Skjåk Public Lands offer fishing to suit everyone, and you are guaranteed not to stand in line to do it.Read more
Johnsgård ­Tourist ­Center
AccommodationJohnsgård Tourist Center offers accomodations in cabins, tents, RV, or camping trailer on the banks of Lake Langsjøen. This is a quiet family destination surrounded by beautiful nature. The farm lifestyle here sets the tone here, and there are plenty of activities to participate in regardless of your age or condition.Read more
Romenstad ­Cabins
AccommodationRomenstad Hytter (cabins) offers rental cabins with varying standards in distinctive surroundings. Located centrally to many attractive fishing rivers in Rendalen, including Unsetåa, Mistra, Sølna, Rena Nord, and Glomma. The cabin was awarded “Olavsrosa” a Norwegian distinction of quality and culture.Read more
Mountain ­fishing ­in ­Skjåk
FisheryThe Skjåk area offers countless opportunities for those who look for mountain fishing in peace and tranquility. Breheimen and Reinheimen National Parks is unique wilderness areas that can provide you with mountain trout fishing of the old-fashioned quality.Read more