Trysilelva ­(Trysil ­River)
FisheryTrysilelva offers almost 100 km of varied fishing opportunities. No matter how you prefer to fish, this river has something for all sports fishermen. Trout and grayling in in the faster moving water, or pike, perch, and whitefish in the wide slow moving sections of river, you can fish from the banks or from a boat. There are many opportunities here!Read more
Ljøra ­river ­i ­Trysil
FisheryLjøra River, is a medium sized river found in eastern Trysil Kommune and offers great grayiling and trout fishing and a great variety of water. This river is a good choice for both the experienced fly fisherman as well as those fishing with gear or bait. The fishing license in this river gives access to a wide variety of lakes and streams in the Trysil Area.Read more
Fishing ­in ­Trysil
FisheryTrysil an area with great diversity and many fishing options. Here you can hike up to mountainous lakes and fish for trout and arctic char. You can have a go at the huge population of grayling in the mighty Trysil river, or the Ljøra river. Worm fishing or light spin fishing for perch in one of the many forest lakes. In addition you can choose among the many activities on offer for the keen fishermen.Read more
Chris ­Hendriks
GuideChris Hendriks, Experience: 12 years’ experience within fly fishing. Fishing areas: Trysil and the area around it. On request, also in other places. Certified Tenkara guide and EFFA guide.Read more
Trysilelva ­Camping
AccommodationTrysilelva Camping, former known as Klara Camping, is idyllically situated on the banks of river Trysilelva and offers great views of the Trysil mountain range. The camping is located just south of […]Read more
Trysil ­Hyttegrend ­Camping
AccommodationTrysil Hyttegrend Camping is located in Øråneset, 2 km south of the town center. We are idyllically situated next to river Trysilelva, with the Trysil mountain range in the background. We offer […]Read more
Vestsjøberget ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryVestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers a very diverse stretch in the Trysil river. There are slow flowing areas that are perfect for dry fly fishing and faster stretches perfectly suited for nymph- and streamer fishing as well. The Trysil river has a rich insect life, and the highlights is the large hatches of the Danica mayfly.Read more