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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Fishing licence in Norway – Fishing permit To fish in Norway you don’t need a fishing licence per see, but you must purchase a fishing permit for the water you wish […]


Fishing licence in Norway – Fishing permit

To fish in Norway you don’t need a fishing licence per see, but you must purchase a fishing permit for the water you wish to fish in. The words licence and permit is often used back and forth but is related to purchase the right to fish in a specific water, aka a permit, and not a licence based on knowledge, as for example anglers have in Germany.

So what kind of fishing licence or fishing permits do you need in Norway?

Sea fishing? You don’t need to purchase a permit for fishing in the sea in Norway. It’s free! However there is a limit on the fish you can export out Norway, 15 kg of filé per person.

Fishing for anadromous fish like salmon, sea trout or arctic char in rivers? Then you need to;

1) Purchase the national permit. You can do that online on the Norwegian Environment Agency’s website here.

2) Purchase a local permit from the landowner or organisation that issues those permits for you destination. There are no state/county licence so you need to speak to the local issuer or a booking service as, or

Fishing for freshwater fish like trout, grayling, pike?

Licences for freshwater fishing in rivers, lakes and streams are issued by local owners and fishing organizations. They are often limited to a specific area and period of time. They can be purchased on the web, in local shops, convenience stores and campingsites. Guides and outfitters can often issue these licences too.


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Welcome to you next fishing adventure – with your fishing licence in Norway!

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