Pike and predator fishing

People love sports fishing for pike! Maybe not such a surprise thinking of the explosive action, big species and thousands of razor sharp teethes – it’s a formidable foe!

In Norway you find the pike mainly in the eastern parts, in rivers, lakes and ponds. You can fish for pike all year round, from land, boat or even on the ice. Good luck catching this freshwater predator!


Ytre ­Rendal ­Hunting ­and ­Fishing ­Federation
FisheryYtre Rendal JFF (Hutning and Fishing Federation) offers a wide variety of sports fishing opportunities over a wide area in the Rendalen Valley. Nearly endless lakes which are home to trout and grayling, pike fishing in the productive Lake Lomnessjøen, and river fishing for large trout and grayling in the secluded river Nordre Rena.Read more
Pike ­Fishing ­in ­Lake ­Selbusjøen
FisheryThe beautiful Selbusjøen offers very exciting fishing opportunities for pike, trout, char, and burbot in Sør Trøndelags largest lake. At 58 square kilometers and surrounded by farmland, here you will find the opportunity at a pike of a lifetime! With a high number of fast growing fish in very good condition, it’s hard to beat Selbusjøen for large pike.Read more
Pike ­fishing ­in ­Vestsjøen ­lake
FisheryIn Vestsjøen lake you will find a rear pearl of a destination. You will have the lake to your self while sleeping in an old traditional log cabin in rough standard. The pike lake is secluded from roads and you will experience solitude and wild nature. It comes with two boats ideal for fly-fishing.Read more
Pikefishing ­in ­the ­lake ­Harsjøen
FisheryLake Harsjøen has a large population of pike and rich waters teeming with whitefish. Harsjøen is a mountain lake located in the Østerdalen valley at 677 meters above sea level, on the mountain ridge between Øvre Rendal village and Hanestad in Rendalen.  There is easy access via road 664. Read more
Vurrusjøen ­and ­Drevsjøen ­lakes
FisheryVurrusjøen and Drevsjøen are shallow and productive pike lakes situated in Drevsjø. The lakes are one of the few lakes in Engerdal that hold roach, which combined with whitefish, give the pike excellent conditions for growing big. The chance of catching a pike of 10 kg + in these lakes is good.Read more