A Common License is the perfect option for anglers wishing to access a larger fishing area with a wider variety of fishing opportunities. Just think about fishing from lake to lake and all of the streams in between, searching for the best fishing spot. Because what is better than exploring a new area with and finding your new favorite spot? All you need is one fishing license in your pocket.

In order to simplify things for anglers, many fishing areas have decided to cooperate and offer a common fishing license within their geographic area. In many instances a license can be valid for an entire municipality, while some are good for a smaller local area. This takes the hassle out of things, and you no longer need to worry about which landowner to speak with or about purchasing licenses for many individual lakes and streams.

Fishing ­on ­Skjåk ­Public ­Lands
FisheryGrayling fishing in River Otta, high-mountain fishing in Breheimen, extended backpacking/fishing trips in Reinheimen, or family fishing at Grotli. Skjåk Public Lands offer fishing to suit everyone, and you are guaranteed not […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Rendalen
FisheryRendalen Municipality is Southern Norway’s largest in total area at 3174 square km. Rendalen has an inland climate, with relatively little precipitation, cold winters, and warm summers. The nature here is rugged […]Read more
Åmot ­River ­Association: ­5 ­Rivers ­– ­One ­License
FisheryCommon License for Rena River – well known among fishermen throughout Europe for its big trout and grayling – in addition to the Glomma, Åsta, Søre Osa and Julussa rivers. Each of […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Valdres
FisheryValdres stretches from the lush valleys rich in forests and lakes in the south, all the way to the mighty Jotunheimen peak in the north. In Valdres you will find over 3000 […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Engerdal
FisheryEngerdal County has over 900 lakes, ponds, creeks, and rivers and streams for the angler to choose from. This area is well known for its beautiful landscapes and more importantly for its […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Selbu
FisherySelbu offers fishing in over 300 lakes of varying size, including small mountain lakes, still forest lakes, and fishing for large trout in lakes Nea and Selbusjøen. With it’s large wilderness area […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Snåsa
FisheryFishing in Snåsa is synonymous with visiting the Snåsa area. By purchasing a single license you will receive access to over 1500 lakes, rivers stretches, and opportunities for boat and cabin rentals […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Tydal
FisheryExperience a varied fishing trip for trout and char in the beautiful mountain town of Tydal. With most of its numerous mountains lakes packed with fish, and being home to the legendary […]Read more
Åsnes ­Finnskog
FisheryÅsnes Finnskog offers a variety of fishing opportunities. From mystical lakes within a short distance from the road, to fishing for most of the freshwater species Norway has to offer in the […]Read more
Lesja ­mountain ­area
FisheryThe Lesja mountain region governs an exciting and varied fishing after trout, arctic char and grayling. Either you want to fish in pristine mountain lakes after hours of hiking, or the more accessible areas near to roads, […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Trysil
FisheryTrysil an area with great diversity and many fishing options. Here you can hike up to mountainous lakes and fish for trout and arctic char. You can have a go at the huge population of grayling in […]Read more
Stor ­Elvdal ­– ­General ­fishing ­area
FisheryIn the Stor Elvdal municipality you will fin a good variation in nature, with moutains, forests, waters and rivers. It has rich opportunities for fishing in over 50 lakes, and more than 90 […]Read more
Alvdal ­fishing ­area
FisheryAlvdal municipality and its fishing area has a good variation of fishing opportunities and great nature. You will find a good number of rivers, creeks and both small and big lakes. The most popular species are […]Read more
Atna ­water ­system
FisheryAt the doorstep of the Rondane mountain range you will find good fishing for a number of species such as arctic char, trout and grayling. The Atna water system offers fishing in […]Read more
Sel ­Mountain ­Board
FisheryThe Sel Mountain Board sells fishing licenses for the Sel and Northern Kolloen Statsallmenning area. The mountain board has the fishing rights for 39 lakes, 2 rivers and several smaller streams. Trout, […]Read more
Dalsbygda ­Fishing ­area
FisheryThe areas surrounding Dalsbygda and Forollhogna are known for a good wild brown trout population. Besides good fishing, the mountain areas offer great hiking opportunities in beautiful surroundings.   Dalsbygda joint fishing area consists of 6 […]Read more
Folldal ­Public ­Lands
FisheryFolldal Public Lands consist of approximately 20 lakes and 30 km of rivers,  where you can encounter brown trout, arctic char and grayling. The area is governed by the Folldal mountain board, and they stock juvenile locally bread fish in several […]Read more
Sport ­fishing ­in ­Folldal
FisherySport fishing in Folldal offers plenty of easy accessible fishing opportunities. There are many rivers and streams.   Here are some of the areas that are included in Sport fishing Folldal: Folla, […]Read more
River ­Hola ­and ­Langsjøen ­lake
FisheryThe Hola and Langsjøen zone covers a big area. The river is well suited for light spin fishing, fly fishing and worm fishing. The river is easy accessible in most places, which makes it a good alternative […]Read more
FisheryKvikne offers approximately 80 small and big bodies of water,  and 160 km of rivers and streams. Brown trout is the dominant species but you can also encounter arctic char. The license does not cover some rives stretches […]Read more
Rødalen ­mountain ­lakes
FisheryRødalen offers fishing in 15 lakes. The ponds in the valley and Rødalselva hold predominantly trout, but up towards the mountain you will find ponds with arctic char. Many of the ponds […]Read more
Spekedalen ­and ­lake ­Sølensjøen
FisherySpekedalen watershed consists of many rivers, ponds and lakes. Among the lakes is the famous Sølensjøen. Spekedalen is picturesque, a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and snow covered peaks. The watershed is perfect for […]Read more
Tynset ­joint ­fishing ­area
FisheryThe fishing area surrounding Tynset can offer stunning fishing experiences, plenty of different species are to be found in the lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Some areas are well suited for families and children other for […]Read more
FisheryVingelen has 26 lakes in all categories and sizes. You will find mountain lakes with ideal conditions for the fish, big fat trout and small forest ponds with eager fish waiting to […]Read more