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Fishing in Snåsa is synonymous with visiting the Snåsa area. By purchasing a single license you will receive access to over 1500 lakes, rivers stretches, and opportunities for boat and cabin rentals […]

Fishing in Snåsa is synonymous with visiting the Snåsa area. By purchasing a single license you will receive access to over 1500 lakes, rivers stretches, and opportunities for boat and cabin rentals in one of the most famed wilderness areas in Norway. Trout are the predominant species throughout the Snåsa public waters, but many of the lakes are also home to both Char and burbot.


The Snåsa Mountain Board manages the area and distributes the fishing license for Snåsa. As you hike between mountians and valleys you will see a huge variety of sparkling blue water and long stretches of river. You will find everything from alpine fishing deep within the Blåfjella-Skjærkerfjella National Park, to more accessible fishing along the road. Each of these opportunities has its own charm and challenges, and you are able to plan your trip exactly how you want it. Because here you will find fishing opportunities for all types of angling and all types of anglers. Either way, the potential for fish of very good quality and size is exceptional here.


This area offers a wide variety of nature experiences in beautiful settings. Large parts of Blåfjell-Skjærkerfjella consist of low mountains and easily navigable terrain, with well developed trail systems making it ideal for family trips. If you wish, you are also able to combine your fishing trip with a historic culinary experience in culturally and historically unique high mountain valley settings. Or, you may just wish to enjoy the serenity of it all along with the proximity to unspoiled nature packed with wildlife.


With the Snåsa Mountain Board you are also able to rent cabins for a comfortable holiday experience. A good number of these cabins are also supplied with their own boat. In addition to this there are opportunities for boat rental and many of the lakes in the area. For more information please refer to the Snåsa Mountain Board website. Their own fishing guide pinpoints the location of good fishing waters, and explains the effective ways to fish them, and which species you will find in each lake.



The Snåsa Mountain Board manages nearly 1 400 000 acres of public land in Snåsa Kommune. Here you will find forests, rivers, mountains, and over 2000 fishable lakes



24 Hour NOK 100,00 | Week NOK 350,00 | Season NOK 400,00 | Season Family NOK 600,00


Fishing licenses can be purchased online or at local outlets including sports shops, camping areas, and tourist information centers

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(Excerpt from the local fishing regulations. Read the complete fishing regulations here)

  • Anyone participating in any type of fishing must acquire a fishing licnese. A season fishing license is valid for the calendar year.
  • Anglers are required to familiarize themselves with the established rules and boundaries within the area.
  • Children and youth under 20 years old fish for free.
  • Use of live bait (fish and minnows) is strictly forbidden, however it is allowed to use either worms or insects as bait.
  • Fishing with any type of hook can only be done either with a rod and reel or hand line, and must be done actively.
  • Provisions for border waters:
    • Skjækervatnet may be fished in its entirety.
    • Bangsjøene requires it’s own fishing license
  • Anglers are required to show their fishing license upon request from any type of supervision.
  • Anglers must show care to the fish and the environment, and respect to fellow anglers.
  • Failure to comply with rules and regulations will lead to arrest.

Other information

In the National Park area it is allowed to make campfires out of deadfall, but standing pine (dead or alive) is protected.

Always carry proper rain clothes and a warm change of clothing. Even in the middle of summer the weather here can change drastically, and staying dry makes for a much better time in the mountains.

If you pack it in, pack it out. Please do not litter, taking care of the environment is our joint responsibility.

Whenever possible please use marked parking areas.

Show respect to populated areas, and to anyone else you may meet on your trip.


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