Cabin ­and ­7 ­kilometers ­exclusive ­river ­fishing

Åbjørstua offers 7 kilometers of exclusive river fishing in typical Nordland’s nature, far away from other people and the stress of the outside world.

Åbjørstua offers 7 kilometers of exclusive river fishing in typical Nordland’s nature, far away from other people and the stress of the outside world. In addition to trout fishing, there is also potential for salmon fishing and big sea run trout in the same river. This is an offer for those seeking a completely unique fishing experience. The fishing in Åbørdalen is exclusive to guests of Åbørstua. In addition to the river, accommodation here also grants access to a variety of mountain lakes in the vicinity.


Åbørstua is located on the river Åbjøra and is surrounded by a variety of typical Nordland nature, where rich wildlife and good fishing make for an overall experience that is hard to beat. This package gives exclusive rights to roughly 7 km of the river Åbjøra, as well as the rights to fish a large part of the surrounding area.

Åbørstua have a long practiced sustainable use of their land, and is well hidden from the outside world. The river Åbjøra runs crystal clear between two large lakes, where brown trout are the primary inhabitants. However, this stretch of river has annual runs of wild salmon and sea run trout. If you are after an even wider variety of fishing than Åbjøra has to offer, than all you need to do is pack up the backpack and take a hike into one of the many surrounding mountain lakes.


One of several tributaries to Åbjøra runs through the beautiful Nilsfinndalen. Photo: Plahtes eiendommer.

The Fishing

Åbjøra was literally made for fly-fishing with its long stretches of slow flowing glass clear water, and plenty of good places for fish to hold. The river has good consistent mayfly hatches and big cautious trout. It is perfect for sight fishing, at least for those who are capable of cautiously moving along the banks without spooking the fish. At the bottom of the river system the river runs slow and wide through the landscape while throughout the upper stretch you will find deeper pools and runs, which are home to very big trout. An old tractor road makes it easy to follow the river up through the valley.

Fishing Regulations

  • Maximum Size: 30 cm. All fish over this size must be released unharmed.
  • Bag Limit: No limit on fish under 30 cm. All salmon and sea trout must be released.
  • Tackle Regulations: Maximum 1 treble hook. Fishing with worms is not allowed in the river.
  • All gear that has been used in other water systems within the past 7 days must be disinfected before use. This includes waders, rods, reels, personal inflatables, etc. Disinfection may be arranged with the landowner.
  • Failure to comply with the fishing regulations or the disinfection regulations will result in suspension and potentially arrest.
  • Every one who plans on targeting salmon or sea run trout must pay the anadromous fishing tax to Norway. This can be paid here.
  • In Åbjørvatnet lake, you may keep one  fish between 45-60 cm in zones whrere nettfishing is allowed. All fish over 60 cm must bee released. All sea trout and salmon are protected and must be released unharmed.

Photo: Nils-Erik Bjørholt.


The cabin is located 200 meters from the river Åbjøra, 5 km from the nearest road and is only accessible by boat. You will find an outboard aluminum boat on Åbjørvatnet for transport of guests of Åbjørstua. If there is the necessity for an additional boat it can be arranged by contacting the owners. For your safety, there are 6 PFD’s in the boat for adults between 70-90 kg. Any other size must be arranged with the landowner prior to arrival.

After arrival at Åbjørstua you will find the facilities here are of a very good standard. The cabin is 100 m2 and consists of a kitchen, living room, four bedrooms, a bathroom and shower, entry room, and a drying room with a wood burning stove for wet waders and clothes. Lighting consists of paraffin lamps, and a solar panel with a 230v converter provides power to the appliances and will charge mobile phones and accessories. There is no mobile coverage here, but ICE-net has coverage at the inlet to Åbjørvatnet.

The kitchen has place for 8 people, and is complete with everything needed for cooking and dining. There is serious potential for those who think that vacation is all about eating well and are willing to get wild in the kitchen, with a propane oven and stove, an additional gas cooking stove, refrigerator and freezer, and a kitchen table for 8. In the living room you can sit back and relax. The cabin has running water, as well as warm water. The bedrooms are setup with bunk beds, comforters, and pillows for 8 people. Necessities such as toilet paper, candles, soap, propane, etc. are all provided. There is also a large woodshed and an outhouse.

On warm summer nights you will also find a large terrace complete with furniture, perfect for a cup of coffee and other refreshing beverages. There is also basic accommodation for an additional 3 persons 5 km upstream from the cabin, which allows for one to spend some serious time on the upper stretches of river.

Photo: Plahtes eiendommer.

Getting here and other information
The nearest airport to Terråk is Rørvik, roughly a 1 hour drive away. From Værnes it is roughly a 3.5 drive to Terråk. The driving distance from Oslo is roughly 11 hours. Upon arrival you will be met by either the landowner or an employee of Plahtes Real Estate.

There is a forest road to Åbjørvatn. From here you will take a boat across the lake to the far bank, near the cabin. Park the car away from the lake, as it can rise almost 2 meters after heavy rain. When crossing the lake you must be cautious around the shallow areas around Mesundtangen. It is also very shallow at the outlet of Abjørelven. Make sure to tilt the motor for shallow water at least 200 m from the river outlet, and drive carefully upstream to the designated boat landing. Remember always to tie up the boat to a tree or to a post. The river can rise over a meter in just a few hours during heavy rains. There is a cart at the cabin for transporting baggage and gear from the boat landing, just make sure to keep them above the high water mark upon departure.

Åbjøra is a part of the regulated Åbjøra river system. The dam is located roughly 13 km upstream of the cabin.  Swings in water levels are normal, due both to the close proximity to the power station and the large drainage area of Åbjørelva.  The power company is required to keep a minimum water level in the river during the summer to ensure a good fishable water level.

Pricing 2020

One week of exclusive fishing for up to 6 people, including accommodation in Åbjørstua:

From the season opening to the 12th of June: Starting at 2335,- NOK per person (14.000,- NOK)

From the 13th of June through the 15th of August: Starting at 3250,-NOK per person (19.500,- NOK)

From the 15th of August through the 9th of September: Starting at 2335,-NOK per person (14.000,– NOK)

These prices are valid for up to 6 people. For more than 6 people there is an additional 2000,- NOK per person, per week.

A deposit must be paid upon booking, while the balance must be paid by a decided date prior to arrival. The balance must be paid for the entire group in full. More detailed information will be made available upon booking.

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