Johnsgård ­Tourist ­Center
AccommodationJohnsgård Tourist Center offers accomodations in cabins, tents, RV, or camping trailer on the banks of Lake Langsjøen. This is a quiet family destination surrounded by beautiful nature. The farm lifestyle here […]Read more
Galten ­Gård ­in ­Engerdal
AccommodationExciting fly fishing, challenging hikes, fun with water and river activities, local food with delicious ingredients, culture and history. Galten Gård farm tailors your holiday and has offers for everyone. The farm […]Read more
Smith ­Seter
AccommodationSmithseter, completed in autumn 2012, provides 8 beds in 4 double rooms. A place filled with history, doing all it takes to give their guests exclusive experiences in the fields of culture, […]Read more
Femund ­Canoe ­Camp
Other offeringWith a Canoe you will be able to easily access otherwise hard to reach places where the big fish can be found, but it is still hard to know where the fish […]Read more
Grøseth ­Sport
Other offeringGrøseth Sport in Oppdal is a part of the G-SPORT, Norway’s largest and most widespread sporting goods chain. With us you will find outdoor gear and sporting goods for the entire family. […]Read more
Trollheimsporten ­Turiststsenter ­(Tourist ­Center)
AccommodationTrollheimsporten Turistsenter is a diverse vacation destination that is open year round, ideally located at the access to Trollheimen. Here you will find campsites, cabins, and built in camping trailers for rent, as […]Read more
Selbu ­Camping
AccommodationSelbu Camping and the neighboring B. Langseth General Store offer everything you might find yourself in need of during your stay in Selbu. You will find a place to camp, a gas […]Read more
Selbusporten ­– ­Sport ­1
Other offeringSelbusporten is a fully assorted sporting goods store with a very wide selection of outdoor products, fishing equipment and ski equipment, and have a special focus on Biking and running gear. You […]Read more
Vestigarn ­Handleri ­& ­Kafé ­– ­farm ­shop ­and ­cafè
Other offeringFull of exciting locally made food, freshly grind coffee and an array of lokal craft work in the gift shop, the Vestigarn Handleri & Kafé is a cozy farm shop and cafè. Vestigarn […]Read more
Sølenstua ­Camp ­& ­Cabins
AccommodationSølenstua Camp and Cabins offers accommodations for anglers and travellers in the southern end of Engerdal Kommune. Here you can stay in one of the cabins, or you can bring your own […]Read more
Intersport ­Rena
Other offeringIntersport Rena is a full service sporting goods store specializing in fishing, biking, cross country skiing, and training equipment. With a wide range of products, many good deals, and excellent customer service, […]Read more
Sport ­1 ­Rena
Other offeringSport 1 Rena is a fully assorted sporting goods store run by sporting enthusiasts. The shop is engaged with the renowned Birkebeinerrittet and Birkebeinerrennet (famous Norwegian ski races), and is the areas […]Read more
Sentrum ­Sport ­Trysil
Other offeringSentrum Sport Trysil sells just about everything in terms of sporting goods; soccer, biking, fishing gear, hunting gear, footwear, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, clothing, etc., and if they do not have […]Read more
Intersport ­Trysil
Other offeringHere you will find outdoor and sports equipment for the entire family. With a long history and plenty of experience in sports equipment, Intersport is proud to offer their expertise to the […]Read more
Shell ­Alvdal
Other offeringAt the Shell gas station in Alvdal they offer everything you will need for your journey. In need of diesel or gas? Are you hungry? Or maybe you just need to stretch […]Read more
Taverna ­Alvdal
AccommodationWelcome to Taverna Alvdal! The natural place to stop and rest – halfway between Trondheim and Oslo. Taverna offers 36 hotel rooms for very reasonable prcies. All rooms are of high standard […]Read more
Alvdal-Tynset ­sport ­– ­Alvdal
Other offeringAlvdal-Tynset Sport is a modern and functional sporting goods shop with a wide selection of products within sports gear, outdoor gear, casual gear, clothing, footwear, hunting, and fishing As a member of […]Read more
Alvdal-Tynset ­Sporting ­goods
Other offeringAlvdal-Tynset Sport is a modern sporting goods store with a wide specter of merchandise for outdoors life, hiking, fishing, hunting and sports. Having built itself up over the years, Alvdal-Tynset Sport are now […]Read more
MX ­Sport ­Folldal
Other offeringMX Sport Folldal is a little and multifaceted sporting goods store that offers a wide variety of goods you will need for your next adventure to the forest or mountains, both for summer […]Read more
Jonasvollen ­Camping
AccommodationJonasvollen Camping is the perfect place for an active vacation. There are so many opportunities here, with Femundsmarka National Park and Flensmarka as the nearest neighbors, which offer endless fishing experiences in […]Read more
Circle ­K ­Tynset ­– ­gas ­station
Other offeringCircle K Tynset offers a good selection of pre-prepared food, hot made to order food, hot and cold drinks, propane, fuel, and other accessories you will need for your trip. They also have […]Read more
Sæta ­Camping
AccommodationFor many years Sæta Camping has accommodated fishermen from near and far. With its proximity to river Lågen , and a host who knows how to take care of his guests, you […]Read more
Telstad ­farmstead
AccommodationAccommodation at Telstad farmstead built in 1770. With us you can stay in the main house, the barn or in a cabin. Traditional and evocative, suitable for a good night’s sleep and a […]Read more
Kvennan ­Camping
AccommodationVisit our fisherman’s paradise. Our camp is located in Vingelen in Hedmark county, at the bank of river Glomma right in the middle of the Fly fishing zone at Kvennan Fly Fishing. […]Read more