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It is wind from the north, but the fish are rising. Latest update from the river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing, the river Engeråa in Engerdal, the river Trysil, Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing, the river Rena and our partner in the west, Kingdom of the wild trout.


Photo: Fishspot

Vetle Nygaard from Tynset fished in the Fly Fishing Zone at Kvennan Fly Fishing  saturday.



Vetle kjører f

Photo: Fishspot

There are hatches of many different types of mayflies.



Photo: Fishspot

Saturday afternoon the mayflies were in size 18.





Photo: Fishspot





Photo: Fishspot

Vetle caught several grayling  in river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing Saturday.



Kvennan 1,2

Photo: Hein van Aar/Kvennan Fly Fishing

Hein van Aar landet this trout (1,2 kg) in the fly fishing zone in The river Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing Saturday.




Photo: Ole Opseth/Engerdal Fjellstyre

The water temperature is 12 degrees Celcius in the river Engeråa.




Photo: Ole Opseth/Engerdal Fjellstyre

There are massive hatches of several mayflies, both Danica and the yellow Sulphurea in the river Engeråa.




Poto: Ole Opseth/Engerdal Fjellstyre

Nice catch in the river Engeråa.



Trysil 1

Photo: Øyvind Budflod Ås/Trysil Fellesforening

The fishing conditions are good in the river Trysil  even it blow from the north.



trysil nå

Photo: Øyvind Buflod ås/Trysil Fellesforening

Ola Kolåsæter caught this grayling in the Trysil river on the pattern Superpupa.



trysil 2 nå

photo: Øyvind Buflod Ås/Trysil Fellesforening


Photo: Vestsjøbeget fluefiske

Vestsjøberge Fly Fishing reports about fantastic fishing conditions and massive hatches the last week.



Vestsjøberget 2

Photo: Gamefish Norway

A groupe of english fly fishers visited Vestsjøberget Fly Fishing last week.  They were satisfied with their stay.



Kennet S Rena 1

Photo: Kenneth Sørhus

Kenneth Sørhus fished a day in the Rena river.




Photo: Kenneth Sørhus

He caught this trout at about 1 kg.



Hemsil hos Tihr

Photo: Ørretens Rike

The kingdom of wild trout and Fishspot cooperate in marketing to foreign markets. A group of Swiss fly fishers visited Tor Grøthe last week.



Hemsil 1

Photo: Ørretens Rike




Hemsil 3

Photo: Ørretens Rike

Nice catch from the river Hemsil.




Photo: Ørretens Rike

Catch, release, repeat!