Report ­from ­river ­Grimsa

Nothing is better than getting some fresh Intel on the conditions. Flyfishing guide Marius Tollan just sent us this report from Grimsa.


Flyfishing guide Marius Tollan just sent us this report from Grimsa.

” I recently came back from a trip to Grimsa, and for those of you who wonder, the fishing there is really good at the moment. There was types of may fly hatching, which species I’m not sure. There was some caddis about but the fish had no interest to that. I stopped counting grayling after 10 fish, and I had a few trout also.” –

WE think its safe to say that Grimsa is a bit of a hotspot these days. All pictures Marius Tollan.


The grayling in Grimsa is of superb quality



The dotted fish are not bad looking either



This caption was marked with over two kilos, and a good looking specimen it is.



Another decent trout


fluer 2

A selection of flies that work well in Grimsa now. For your information its a rod limit of ten in the Grimsa Flyfishing zone. There is not a lot of fishermen on Grimsa now so getting a license should not be a problem.