Fishing ­Facilities ­on ­The ­Nea
FisheryFishing spot on the popular River Nea in Tydal with nice facilities and wheelchair access, perfect for those with the need for easy access. This is a nicely built and well-maintained fishing […]Read more
Lake ­Fishing ­in ­Tydal
FisheryCome and experience the fishing for char and trout in the shadows of the iconic mountains ranges of Sylan and Skardsjella, near the border of Sweden. This is in many ways the […]Read more
Lake ­Kullsjøen ­in ­Oppdal
FisheryLake Kullsjøen in Oppdal offers an active and social environment for children and families. While waiting for the food to cook on the barbeque kids can fish, swim, or play volleyball. This […]Read more
Fishing ­for ­Kids ­in ­Båttjønndalen
FisheryBåttjønndalen is a magnificent mountain valley with several lakes stretching throughout its’ length in a rich mountain landscape. Best of all it is easily accessible from the road. At Lake Langen the […]Read more
Østrungen ­Outdoor ­Camp
AccommodationThe Østrungen Friluftsleir (outdoor camp) draws upon the rich natural surroundings of the area. The camp is a place where guests can thrive and experience the fantastic nature here. Østrungen Friluftsleir is […]Read more
Pike ­Fishing ­in ­Lake ­Selbusjøen
FisheryThe beautiful Selbusjøen offers very exciting fishing opportunities for pike, trout, char, and burbot in Sør Trøndelags largest lake. At 58 square kilometers and surrounded by farmland, here you will find the […]Read more
Heggsjøene ­in ­Snåsa
FisheryAt Heggsjøene in Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park you will have the opportunity to come into contact with big wild trout, surrounded by mountain birch forests and marshlands at the foot of Imsdalsfjellet and […]Read more
Grøseth ­Sport
Other offeringGrøseth Sport in Oppdal is a part of the G-SPORT, Norway’s largest and most widespread sporting goods chain. With us you will find outdoor gear and sporting goods for the entire family. […]Read more
Trollheimsporten ­Turiststsenter ­(Tourist ­Center)
AccommodationTrollheimsporten Turistsenter is a diverse vacation destination that is open year round, ideally located at the access to Trollheimen. Here you will find campsites, cabins, and built in camping trailers for rent, as […]Read more
Selbu ­Camping
AccommodationSelbu Camping and the neighboring B. Langseth General Store offer everything you might find yourself in need of during your stay in Selbu. You will find a place to camp, a gas […]Read more
Selbusporten ­– ­Sport ­1
Other offeringSelbusporten is a fully assorted sporting goods store with a very wide selection of outdoor products, fishing equipment and ski equipment, and have a special focus on Biking and running gear. You […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Selbu
FisherySelbu offers fishing in over 300 lakes of varying size, including small mountain lakes, still forest lakes, and fishing for large trout in lakes Nea and Selbusjøen. With it’s large wilderness area […]Read more
Mountain ­Fishing ­under ­Sylan ­in ­Tydal
FisheryCome and experience the fishing for char and trout in the shadows of the iconic mountains ranges of Sylan and Skardsfjella, near the border of Sweden. This is in many ways the […]Read more
Mountain ­fishing ­in ­Dindalen
FisheryThe fishing here is widely varied and exciting, in the northern portion of Dovrefjell – Sunndalsfjella National Park. Here you can fish in all of the lakes and streams in Dindalen in Oppdal […]Read more
The ­Bæssfarstu ­House ­– ­Homebase ­for ­Salmon ­Fishing ­in ­Namsen
AccommodationBæssfarstu is a roomy farm house on the Elstadnes farm in Grong.   Perfectly located on the banks of the River Namsen, and only 200 meters to salmon fishing in the famous […]Read more
Nynes ­– ­A ­Large ­Cabin ­in ­Sandøldalen
AccommodationThe Nynes Cabin has beds for up to 10 people, but we don’t require such a large group for rental. This cabin is a perfect starting point for salmon fishing as well […]Read more
Godejordstu ­Cabin ­– ­Sanddøla ­River
AccommodationThis cabin is located 10 meters from the river banks of Sanddøla, on the south side of the river at the end of a road. This cabin is a perfect starting point […]Read more
Nessastu ­– ­Your ­Home ­Base ­for ­Trout ­Fishing
AccommodationThe Nessastu Cabin is centrally located in an excellent area for fishing, and makes for a great base camp for day trips to a wide variety of lakes on the property. Many […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Snåsa
FisheryFishing in Snåsa is synonymous with visiting the Snåsa area. By purchasing a single license you will receive access to over 1500 lakes, rivers stretches, and opportunities for boat and cabin rentals […]Read more
FisherySnaufjellvatnet, (bald mountain lake) in the heart of Akselfjella mountains, has a self-explanatory name. The rugged high mountain surroundings stretch for as far as the eye can see, with mighty peaks in […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Holtålen ­Wilderness ­Area
FisheryThe Holtålen wilderness area offers an array of exciting lakes with opportunities for both trout and char fishing, but you will need to lace up the hiking boots and load up the […]Read more
Cabins ­with ­Haltdalen ­Mountain ­Board
AccommodationHaltdalen Mountain board offer cabins for both fishermen and mountain wanderers alike. Here you will have access to both stone cabins that are open for public use, or cabins available for rent […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Tydal
FisheryExperience a varied fishing trip for trout and char in the beautiful mountain town of Tydal. With most of its numerous mountains lakes packed with fish, and being home to the legendary […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella ­National ­Park
FisheryThe beautiful Åmotsdalen offers real wilderness experiences in majestic high mountain nature. Here you will a wide variety of high mountain lakes packed with trout of excellent quality. You can also fish […]Read more