AccommodationMalmplassen Gjestegård ligger i kort avstand til en rekke gode fiskedestinasjoner.  Du finner blant annet Kvennan Fly Fishing noen få kilometer nedstøms.Read more
Marius ­Tollan
GuideMarius Tollan has been fly fishing for 30 years, grew up in Tolga by river Glomma. Fishing areas: Glomma, Kvennan Fly Fishing, Vangrofta (Skrukka), and Hodalen.Read more
Storøya ­– ­Summer ­Farm ­Houses ­in ­Forollhogna ­National ­Park
AccommodationStorøya consists of two summer farmhouses from 1874 with a rich history, which are available for rent right next to Forollhogna National Park. The houses are located on a summer farm in the Londalen Valley in Vingelen. This is a peaceful setting surrounded by mountains, wildlife, and beautiful nature. Read more
Estuary ­Lodge
AccommodationThe Estuary Lodge is actually a renovated iron workshop, restored to a modern standard while maintaining a rustic style. This is a unique vacation destination in an ideal location. With the Glomma River only […]Read more
Bjønntjønnan ­Cabin
AccommodationWelcome to the cabins at Bjønntjønnan, surrounded by high mountains with a wide-open view, where you practically can sit reclining in the sun at the cottage while enjoying your fishing and listening to […]Read more
Koversjøhytta ­Cabin
AccommodationKoversjøhytta located at Koversjøen, 950 meters above sea level in Vingelen. Nice accommodation in the mountains for up to 6 people, close to good fishing for fat wild trout.   Koversjøhytta is log […]Read more
Cabin ­by ­the ­lake ­Gjersjøen
AccommodationRead more
The ­Gjersjøhytta ­Cabin
AccommodationGjersjøhytta is located in the mountains on the banks of lake Gjersjøen at 975 meters over sea level, on the border between Forollhonga National Park and the nature reserve. This is a […]Read more
The ­Stabbur ­at ­Aashaugen
AccommodationAt Aashaugen you can stay in the farms Stabbur, the traditional meat drying building, which are common on many of the farms throughout Norway. The Stabbur is renovated and made into a […]Read more
Glomma ­– ­Kvennan ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryThe grayling population in Glomma, and particularly at the Kvennan stretch of the river, is probably the best in Norway. When the average size is around 40 cm, it goes without saying that you are in for some fantastic fishing.Read more
Telstad ­farmstead
AccommodationAccommodation at Telstad farmstead built in 1770. With us you can stay in the main house, the barn or in a cabin. Traditional and evocative, suitable for a good night’s sleep and a […]Read more
Kvennan ­Camping
AccommodationVisit our fisherman’s paradise. Our camp is located in Vingelen in Hedmark county, at the bank of river Glomma right in the middle of the Fly fishing zone at Kvennan Fly Fishing. […]Read more
Jean ­Philippe ­Pontier
GuideJean Philippe Pontier, guide for fly Fishing and other fishing techniques. Fishing areaes: Glomma Kvennan Fly Fishing, The River Hola, The lakes in Hodalen.Read more
Hein ­van ­Aar
GuideHein van Aar, experiencehas: 10 years guiding and 20 years fly fishing river Glomma. Fishing areaes: Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing, Hodalen LakesRead more
Hola ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryThis part of the Hola river is ideal for fly fishing, it varies between rapids and quiet stretches. You will find hatches of many different may flies and sedge, if you’re lucky you can also encounter H. Danica (Mayfly) on this river. The river is also easy accessible from the road.Read more
The ­Hodalen ­lakes
FisheryThe Hodalen lakes consist of several connected mountain lakes. Read more
River ­Hola ­and ­Langsjøen ­lake
FisheryThe Hola and Langsjøen zone covers a big area. The river is well suited for light spin fishing, fly fishing and worm fishing. The river is easy accessible in most places, which makes it a good alternative for families. There are also many ponds and small lakes holding a lot of perch and pike. In Langsjøen there are many different fish species and it also holds big brown trout.Read more
Drengen ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryThere are many factors making  Drengen Fly Fishing Zone a nice place for the fly fisher. Trout, grayling and whitefish are the most common species in the lake, it is easy accessible, shallow and therefor easy to wade and has a diverse insect-life.Read more
FisheryVingelen has 26 lakes in all categories and sizes. You will find mountain lakes with ideal conditions for the fish, big fat trout and small forest ponds with eager fish waiting to […]Read more