Drengen ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryThere are many factors making  Drengen Fly Fishing Zone a nice place for the fly fisher. Trout, grayling and whitefish are the most common species in the lake, it is easy accessible, shallow and therefor easy to wade and has a diverse insect-life.Read more
Rødalen ­mountain ­lakes
FisheryRødalen offers fishing in 15 lakes.Read more
FisherySavalen is a mountain lake 707 meter above sea level. The Arctic char is the dominant species and you will find it in huge numbers. The lake also holds brown trout witch can grow to a big size.Read more
Spekedalen ­and ­lake ­Sølensjøen
FisherySpekedalen watershed consists of many rivers, ponds and lakes. Among the lakes is the famous Sølensjøen. Spekedalen is picturesque, a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains and snow covered peaks. The watershed is perfect for canoeing.Read more
Tynset ­joint ­fishing ­area
FisheryThe fishing area surrounding Tynset can offer stunning fishing experiences, plenty of different species are to be found in the lakes, ponds, rivers and streams. Some areas are well suited for families and children other for the more experienced angler. Read more
FisheryThis medium sized river has good variation in pace and bottom an is very suited for fly-fishing. River Unsetåa has wild brown trout and grayling in various sizes. The tributary Tysla is a shallow river with a light gravel bottom holding a good stock of brown trout.Read more
FisheryVingelen has 26 lakes in all categories and sizes. You will find mountain lakes with ideal conditions for the fish, big fat trout and small forest ponds with eager fish waiting to […]Read more