Alvdal-Tynset ­sport ­– ­Alvdal
Other offeringAlvdal-Tynset Sport is a modern and functional sporting goods shop with a wide selection of products within sports gear, outdoor gear, casual gear, clothing, footwear, hunting, and fishing.   As a member […]Read more
Stor ­Elvdal ­– ­General ­fishing ­area
FisheryIn the Stor Elvdal municipality you will fin a good variation in nature, with moutains, forests, waters and rivers. It has rich opportunities for fishing in over 50 lakes, and more than 90 kilometer of rivers.  You can combine the fishing trip with kano padling in the calm sections of the mighty Glomma river. If you like hiking into the open mountain planes, or experience the quaint mystique of the deep forest and its many lakes, Stor Elvdal have it all. Read more
Klokkervangen ­Cabins
AccommodationWith close proximity to legendary river Vangrøfta we have several cabins with different standards. Fishing licence on river Vangrøfta is sold separately and there is also a rod limit on ten rods, so […]Read more
Alvdal ­Tynset ­Sporting ­goods
Other offeringAlvdal-Tynset Sport is a modern sporting goods store with a wide specter of merchandise for outdoors life, hiking, fishing, hunting and sports.   Having built itself up over the years, Alvdal-Tynset Sport are […]Read more
Alvdal ­fishing ­area
FisheryAlvdal municipality and its fishing area has a good variation of fishing opportunities and great nature. You will find a good number of rivers, creeks and both small and big lakes. The most popular species are trout, arctic char, whitefish, grayling, perch and pike. Here the potions are many and the fishing varies both in species and nature surroundings.Read more
Rundtjønna ­– ­trout ­lake
FisheryBeing a nutrient rich lake, where the trout and arctic char have access to a stabile diet, the growth condition is good. Rundtjønna are a private trout lake in Rendalen municipality.Read more
Ryansetra ­Mountain ­Lodge
AccommodationThe area where the Ryansetra mountain lodge is situated there are several good hiking and fishing opportunities. The area is protected as a special cultural landscape.   From the seter (lodge) grass […]Read more
Folldal ­Sport
Other offeringFolldal Sport is a little and multifaceted sporting goods store that offers a wide variety of goods you will need for your next adventure to the forest or mountains, both for summer […]Read more
Jonasvollen ­Camping
AccommodationJonasvollen Camping is the perfect place for an active vacation. There are so many opportunities here, with Femundsmarka National Park and Flensmarka as the nearest neighbors, which offer endless fishing experiences in […]Read more
Circle ­K ­Tynset ­– ­gas ­station
Other offeringCircle K Tynset offers a good selection of pre-prepared food, hot made to order food, hot and cold drinks, propane, fuel, and other accessories you will need for your trip. They also have […]Read more
Stormandstuen ­cabin
AccommodationStormandstuen is a very nice cabin with close proximity to the mighty Rena river. Next to the cabin you will find two private lakes with a good stock of trout. “Stormandstuen”, which is […]Read more
Røste ­Campsite ­and ­Cabin ­Park
AccommodationWelcome to Røste Campsite and Cabin Park.   Røste Cabins and Camping Park is located is in Os Municipality on the road R30, 2 km north of Os village center and 12 […]Read more
Kvebergsøya ­Farm
AccommodationKvebergsøya offers this unique environment, old houses with the soul of former times.   Welcome to Kvebergsøya, a traditional barnyard in Folldal, with roots going back to the 1600’s. The buildings are […]Read more
AccommodationFormoseter farmhouse is situated at Høvringen, at 935 meters over sea level, at the entrance to Rondane National Park. The secluded farm has views towards Rondane and Jetta. Since we began renting […]Read more
Sæta ­Camping
AccommodationFor many years Sæta Camping has accommodated fishermen from near and far. With its proximity to river Lågen , and a host who knows how to take care of his guests, you […]Read more
Savalen ­Mountain ­Hotel ­& ­Spa
AccommodationSavalen Mountain Hotel & Spa – a compact resort with character   Location Lake Savalen is located in a scenic and idyllic setting, 707 meters above sea level, in the mountains of […]Read more
Tynset ­Rooms ­and ­Camping
AccommodationTynset Rooms and Camping is located in Tynset, only meters from river Glomma. Short distance to Røros, Folldal, Alvdal, Savalen and Kvikne.  You can rent cabins and rooms throughout the year. Camping […]Read more
Telstad ­farmstead
AccommodationAccommodation at Telstad farmstead built in 1770. With us you can stay in the main house, the barn or in a cabin. Traditional and evocative, suitable for a good night’s sleep and a […]Read more
Kvennan ­Camping
AccommodationVisit our fisherman’s paradise. Our camp is located in Vingelen in Hedmark county, at the bank of river Glomma right in the middle of the Fly fishing zone at Kvennan Fly Fishing. […]Read more
Trya ­Camping
AccommodationTrya Camping is a pleasant campsite situated at Trønnes in Stor-Elvdal. Situated next to road 3, we are on only a short distance from river Glomma. Trya Camping offers cabins for rent, […]Read more
Koppang ­Camping
AccommodationWelcome to Koppang Camping, a cosy family campsite and features a spacious area with sites for tents, caravans and campers. In addition, there are 20 cabins in various sizes and standards, located at […]Read more
Lågen ­Fly ­Fishing
GuideLågen Fly Fishing consists of five experienced fly fishermen who want to show you around in the Fly Zone on Selvollene or other lakes and rivers in the northern part Gudbrandsdalen.Read more
Jean ­Philippe ­Pontier
GuideJean Philippe Pontier, guide for fly Fishing and other fishing techniques. Fishing areaes: Glomma Kvennan Fly Fishing, The River Hola, The lakes in Hodalen.Read more
Hein ­van ­Aar
GuideHein van Aar, experiencehas: 10 years guiding and 20 years fly fishing river Glomma. Fishing areaes: Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing, Hodalen LakesRead more