Glomma ­in ­Stor-Elvdal
FisheryThe River Glomma is one of Norways best and most diverse when it comes to fishing, and is also the longest. 80 km of the Glomma runs through Stor-Elvdal Municipality in Østerdalen. […]Read more
Rondane ­Gjestegård
AccommodationAt Rondane Gjestegård  you will find the River Vulua, which is packed with trout, running right through the farm. You can almost cast your rod out of the bedroom window here! Rondane […]Read more
Sundfloen ­Fluefiske
FisheryThe Sundfloen Fly Fishing Zone consists of a wide variety of water, from faster flowing pocket water sections to slow flowing deeper sections, broken up by islands and points throughout its length. […]Read more
Stor ­Elvdal ­– ­General ­fishing ­area
FisheryIn the Stor Elvdal municipality you will fin a good variation in nature, with moutains, forests, waters and rivers. It has rich opportunities for fishing in over 50 lakes, and more than 90 […]Read more
Trya ­Camping
AccommodationTrya Camping is a pleasant campsite situated at Trønnes in Stor-Elvdal. Situated next to road 3, we are on only a short distance from river Glomma. Trya Camping offers cabins for rent, […]Read more
Koppang ­Camping
AccommodationWelcome to Koppang Camping, a cosy family campsite and features a spacious area with sites for tents, caravans and campers. In addition, there are 20 cabins in various sizes and standards, located at […]Read more
Edward ­Scholten
GuideEdward Scholten. Experience: Fishing since he was 10 years old. Fishing with the fly rod since 2003. Fishing areaes: Glomma between Atna and Evenstad. Read more
Atna ­water ­system
FisheryAt the doorstep of the Rondane mountain range you will find good fishing for a number of species such as arctic char, trout and grayling. The Atna water system offers fishing in […]Read more