Lake ­Kroktjønna
FisheryLake Kroktjønna, which is located in the Stormoegga adventure park, offers a well laid out trail system and handicapped accessible fishing, and is a part of the Grimsbutjønnan fishing area where you […]Read more
Gruvekroa ­Kafé ­og ­overnatting
AccommodationEat good homestyle food at the Gruvekroa Café, and experience the mines in Folldal. Join us on the train through the old minds and stay at the historic mine owners villa.    […]Read more
Folldal ­Sport
Other offeringFolldal Sport is a little and multifaceted sporting goods store that offers a wide variety of goods you will need for your next adventure to the forest or mountains, both for summer […]Read more
Kvebergsøya ­Farm
AccommodationKvebergsøya offers this unique environment, old houses with the soul of former times.   Welcome to Kvebergsøya, a traditional barnyard in Folldal, with roots going back to the 1600’s. The buildings are […]Read more
Atna ­water ­system
FisheryAt the doorstep of the Rondane mountain range you will find good fishing for a number of species such as arctic char, trout and grayling. The Atna water system offers fishing in […]Read more
Grimsa ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryThe fly fishing zone of Grimsa and part of Folla is about 18 km long, and offers a good variety of rapids and quiet water. It`s easy accessible and holds both big […]Read more
Folldal ­Public ­Lands
FisheryFolldal Public Lands consist of approximately 20 lakes and 30 km of rivers,  where you can encounter brown trout, arctic char and grayling. The area is governed by the Folldal mountain board, and they stock juvenile locally bread fish in several […]Read more
Sport ­fishing ­in ­Folldal
FisherySport fishing in Folldal offers plenty of easy accessible fishing opportunities. There are many rivers and streams.   Here are some of the areas that are included in Sport fishing Folldal: Folla, […]Read more
Grimsbutjønnan ­(small ­lakes)
FisheryIn Grimsbutjønnan you will find brown trout and Arctic char. The area is well suited for families with children and around Kroktjønnan there is an good network of hiking trails.   The […]Read more