More than 900 large and small fishing lakes. Engerdal is a destination that can offer true Wilderness and magnificent nature experiences!

Here you can enjoy the peace and silence and recharge your batteries from or to a otherwise busy weekday!

Johnsgård ­Tourist ­Center
AccommodationJohnsgård Tourist Center offers accomodations in cabins, tents, RV, or camping trailer on the banks of Lake Langsjøen. This is a quiet family destination surrounded by beautiful nature. The farm lifestyle here […]Read more
The ­Galten ­Gård ­Farm
AccommodationGalten Gård offers many exciting vacation opportunities including fly fishing, challenging hikes, and delicious local food with exciting ingredients. The farm consists of old but well maintained accommodations with modern facilities, as […]Read more
Smith ­Seter
AccommodationSmithseter, completed in autumn 2012, provides 8 beds in 4 double rooms. A place filled with history, doing all it takes to give their guests exclusive experiences in the fields of culture, […]Read more
Femundsmarka ­National ­Park
FisheryFemundsmarka national park is well known for it characteristic wilderness with old pine, stone blocks and numerous lakes and ponds. In the national park the possibility of big trout, arctic char or […]Read more
Femund ­Canoe ­Camp
Other offeringWith a Canoe you will be able to easily access otherwise hard to reach places where the big fish can be found, but it is still hard to know where the fish […]Read more
The ­Femund ­II ­Ferry
Other offeringDuring the summer months the M/S Fæmund II will take you across the “inland ocean” of Femunden, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Here you can sit back and experience Femundmarka from the boat, […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Engerdal
FisheryEngerdal County has over 900 lakes, ponds, creeks, and rivers and streams for the angler to choose from. This area is well known for its beautiful landscapes and more importantly for its […]Read more
Adaptive ­Fishing ­in ­Engerdal
FisheryIn Engerdal we believe nature and outdoor activities should be enjoyed by everyone – no matter their ability or skill level. This can mean families with small children, the injured and handicapped, […]Read more
Fly ­Fishing ­in ­Engerdal
FisherySurrounded by wilderness and steeped in fly-fishing history and tradition, Engerdal offers everything you are looking for on your next fishing trip. Trout, grayling, whitefish and char gorge on insects during the […]Read more
Anne ­på ­landet
Other offeringAnne på landet is both a restaurant and art gallery with local food and flavour and an urban urban twist. It is a perfect place to unwind from a day on the […]Read more
Sølenstua ­Camp ­& ­Cabins
AccommodationSølenstua Camp and Cabins offers accommodations for anglers and travellers in the southern end of Engerdal Kommune. Here you can stay in one of the cabins, or you can bring your own […]Read more
Jonasvollen ­Camping
AccommodationJonasvollen Camping is the perfect place for an active vacation. There are so many opportunities here, with Femundsmarka National Park and Flensmarka as the nearest neighbors, which offer endless fishing experiences in […]Read more
Isterfossbua ­– ­Cabin ­at ­Isterfossen ­rapids
AccommodationCabin Isterfossbua is located where the Isterfossen rapids meet lake Galthåen. Isterfossen, Galthåen, Galtstrømmen and lake Galtsjøen are well known names in the Norwegian fishing community. The cabin has a room with […]Read more
Vurrusjøen ­and ­Drevsjøen ­lakes
FisheryVurrusjøen and Drevsjøen are shallow and productive pike lakes situated in Drevsjø. The lakes are one of the few lakes in Engerdal that hold roach, which combined with whitefish, give the pike […]Read more
Lake ­Femunden
FisheryLake Femunden is Norway’s third largest  and it is surrounded by wilderness. When fishing this lake a boat or a canoe is recommended, so you can be trolling after the big trout […]Read more