May ­& ­Fred`s ­Fiske/Fritid
Other offeringMay & Fred`s Fiske/Fritid (fishing/leisure) is a small company that is based at Åkrestrømmen in Rendalen municipality.  Our motto is good service, product knowledge. Stop by at our new store in Engerdalsveien 96 […]Read more
Jake ­Semons
GuideType of fishing: Fly fishing, streamer fishing   Experience: Jake enjoys targeting large predatory trout, preferably with a streamer and a sink line, and preferably while drifting a river. Originally from Idaho […]Read more
The ­River ­Vangrøfta
FisheryThe River Vangrøfta, also known by the name  “Skrukka” by Norwegian fly fishers, is a perfect river for those fly fishers that like to hunt for wild trophy brown trout. This river […]Read more
Johnsgård ­Tourist ­Center
AccommodationJohnsgård Tourist Center offers accomodations in cabins, tents, RV, or camping trailer on the banks of Lake Langsjøen. This is a quiet family destination surrounded by beautiful nature. The farm lifestyle here […]Read more
Romenstad ­Cabins
AccommodationRomenstad Hytter (cabins) offers rental cabins with varying standards in distinctive surroundings. Located centrally to many attractive fishing rivers in Rendalen, including Unsetåa, Mistra, Sølna, Rena Nord, and Glomma. The cabin was […]Read more
Fishing ­cabin ­on ­the ­River ­Glomma
AccommodationWe offer a brand new cabin 100 meters from the banks of the River Glomma with a private fishing shelter and a boat. The cabin is ideally located with an excellent view […]Read more
The ­Galten ­Gård ­Farm
AccommodationGalten Gård offers many exciting vacation opportunities including fly fishing, challenging hikes, and delicious local food with exciting ingredients. The farm consists of old but well maintained accommodations with modern facilities, as […]Read more
Smith ­Seter
AccommodationSmithseter, completed in autumn 2012, provides 8 beds in 4 double rooms. A place filled with history, doing all it takes to give their guests exclusive experiences in the fields of culture, […]Read more
Ytre ­Rendal ­Hunting ­and ­Fishing ­Federation
FisheryYtre Rendal JFF (Hutning and Fishing Federation) offers a wide variety of sports fishing opportunities over a wide area in the Rendalen Valley. Nearly endless lakes which are home to trout and […]Read more
Lake ­Run ­Trout ­in ­Mistra
FisheryThe River Mistra is renowned for it’s excellent fishing for large lake run trout in a widely varied river, which is ideal for most types of angling. Here you will find everything […]Read more
Lake ­Storsjøen ­in ­Rendalen
FisheryStorsjøen in Rendalen is a popular reservoir for trolling after big trout. Illegally introduced smelt had a positive effect on the trout population, and it’s entire ecosystem is evolving.   Storsjøen (251 […]Read more
Fishing ­in ­Rendalen
FisheryRendalen Municipality is Southern Norway’s largest in total area at 3174 square km. Rendalen has an inland climate, with relatively little precipitation, cold winters, and warm summers. The nature here is rugged […]Read more
Femundsmarka ­National ­Park
FisheryFemundsmarka national park is well known for it characteristic wilderness with old pine, stone blocks and numerous lakes and ponds. In the national park the possibility of big trout, arctic char or […]Read more
Dalsbygda ­Hunting ­and ­Fishing ­Camp
Accommodation“Dalsbygda Jakt- og fiskecamp” (hunting and fishing camp) rents out two “Container Cabins” right next to the renowned trout stream Vangrøfta. The cabins are mobile, and are placed strategically along one of […]Read more
Lake ­Kviknedølstjønna
FisheryLake Kviknedølstjønna in the Fådalen fishing area offers free fishing for everyone year round. Here you will find a fishing dock with a roof, areas for grilling and social get togethers, a […]Read more
Lake ­Kroktjønna
FisheryLake Kroktjønna, which is located in the Stormoegga adventure park, offers a well laid out trail system and handicapped accessible fishing, and is a part of the Grimsbutjønnan fishing area where you […]Read more
Fishing ­Cabin ­on ­Rena ­River
AccommodationThe Raudhammerkoia Cabin lies on the banks of the River Rena at Raudstrømmen. Rena is known for its excellent fishing. The cabin lies right on the bank, perfect for scouting for rising […]Read more
AccommodationSkogli offers you accomodations in their very own cabin on the farm property. The cabin is located in a quaint and peaceful location only 200 meters from the banks of the famed […]Read more
Other offeringWelcome to Trollkroa. Here you will find tasty food, good service, and a great atmosphere.   Trollkroa has a large menu of delicious food, including pizza, kebabs, a la carte, fish, salads, […]Read more
Holmen ­Motorservice
Other offeringHolmen motorservice AS is Bosch Certified garage which works on all brands of cars. We are also a proud dealer of Suzuki.   Opening hours Monday to Friday   08.00  –   17.00 […]Read more
Domus ­Shopping ­Center ­Tynset
Other offeringThe Tynset Shopping Center is ideally located with plenty of parking.   At the shopping center you will find a grocery store, sports store, clothing stores, goldsmith, gifts, cosmetics, hair stylists, a […]Read more
Femund ­Canoe ­Camp
Other offeringWith a Canoe you will be able to easily access otherwise hard to reach places where the big fish can be found, but it is still hard to know where the fish […]Read more
The ­Femund ­II ­Ferry
Other offeringDuring the summer months the M/S Fæmund II will take you across the “inland ocean” of Femunden, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Here you can sit back and experience Femundmarka from the boat, […]Read more
Åmot ­River ­Association: ­5 ­Rivers ­– ­One ­License
FisheryCommon License for Rena River – well known among fishermen throughout Europe for its big trout and grayling – in addition to the Glomma, Åsta, Søre Osa and Julussa rivers. Each of […]Read more