The ­“Pannhuset” ­at ­Nordre ­Brænd ­farm ­in ­Sollia

Newly renovated brewery house on authentic farm at the base of mighty Rondane

Stay at a farm built in 1849, with lake Atnsjøen just outside the door. The first place you can wet a line is just below the veranda. Pricing from kr 850 per night.

A “pannhus”, often called a brew house other places in the country, was used as a kitchen and bakery. Our pannhus is the one of the oldest buildings on our farm, and has been used as a winter house, workers lodge, kitchen, and dining room.

In the 90s the house needed renovation, as the floor and roof began to give way to a pine tree that showed to be 36 years old. The roof was taken off, and the framework was torn down. Worn out framework was changed out and set up again.

Nextdoor was the mower house, with old horse equipment and other items that were no longer in use. This became a bedroom with a new/old door, and the pannhus was once again ready to be used!

The kitchen and bathroom was renovated, a loft was built, and rental began in the 90’s. This year we have changed out the furniture, changed out all of the bedding and mattresses, and painted here and there. We think it’s a cozy place, and we are quite certain you will agree!

( If you have kids old enough to climb a ladder there is also room for two up in the loft).

Only Lake Atnsjøen lies between the farm and the Rondane mountain range, and the potential for hiking is endless.

You can bring the whole family along on shorter hikes, or hike to one of the peaks in Rondane or Alvdal Vestfjell. We have boats available for rent, fishing licenses for sale on the farm, and if you contact us in advance we can even arrange fishing guides. Many miles of river and loads of both small and large lakes are included under one fishing license. We are also helpful in arranging freezing of fish and game.

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