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Kongsvinger Hunting and Fishing Association closes fishing between 9th to 15th og May due to cultivation efforts

Kongsvinger Hunting and Fishing Association (Konsvinger JFF) offers tailor made trout fishing experiences in the mystical Finnskogen. Fishing here is open throughout the entire year, with a short closure in connection to cultivation and management. During this period they set out fish throughout the lakes that they manage. Closures are made to ensure that the fish can acclimate to their new environment without being overstressed.

This year the fishing is closed from Saturday may 9th through Thursday may 14th.

Kongsvinger Hunting and fishing association arranges fishing experiences and activities for their members, as well as visitors to the fabled Finnskogen.

In order to ensure sustainable and quality fishing, they practice active cultivation throughout a series of lakes in the eastern portion of Kongsvinger Kommune – also known as Varaldskogen. Here they have worked hard to facilitate all types of anglers, young and old, and even offer handicapped accessible fishing.

Their extensive cultivation efforts have included thinning out overpopulated lakes, and this effort has proven very effective to both the fish population and quality of fish in the individual lakes.

At Finnskogen you can start the season early. And for the dedicated fly angler it is definitely worth noting the variety and density of insect life, especially during the midsummer months.

We must also mention that there have already been observations of Leptophlebia Marginata, vespertina, and midges. So a trip to Finnskogen is definitely worth considering during the 17th of May holiday.

Photo:  Ståle Opberget

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