Striking ­out ­in ­Femundsmarka
SakThe well known angler Jan Lillestu was excited to get to Femundsmarka and start the fishing season early… possibly being the first one to fish it this year. Read more
Stage ­4
Sak- Arctic char in EngerdalRead more
The ­season ­is ­underway ­at ­Valebjørgheia ­in ­Fyresdal!
SakThe trout here are known for being super active and in good condition. There are already very nice fish being caught this season!Read more
Stage ­3
Sak- VangrøftaRead more
The ­Place ­of ­Knowledge ­in ­Åkrestrømmen
SakTry a guided trip with may and Fred, or pop into the shop for some solid tips and a good chat. It is guaranteed to improve your fishing luck. Read more
Stage ­2
Sak- SømåkvolvetRead more
It’s ­summertime ­in ­Rendalen
SakMistra and other rivers in the area have finally settled down to nice summer flows. Storsjøen is filling up, and almost to summer water levels.Read more
Stage ­1
Sak- Rena RiverRead more
Streamer ­fishing ­the ­Rena ­opening ­2021
SakSince Renaelva opened up again May 1st, streamers have been the ticket for most anglers. However, the dry fly fishing will be picking up soon!Read more
Go ­large!
SakAfter many years with responsible management, the fish throughout the Kvennan Fly Fishing section of the Glomma have grown larger each year. Are you ready to try your luck on grayling over 45 cm or Trout over 3 kg? Try Kvennan Fly Fishing.Read more
The ­best ­tips ­for ­paddling ­in ­Femundsmarka
SakA canoe is the vessel of choice in Femundsmarka, with many advantages, offering a totally unique nature experience. Here Jan Nordvålen lists 5 good trip tips in Femundsmarka.Read more
Tokkeåi ­– ­where ­big ­trout ­swim
SakAs an angler on Tokkeåi you take part of preserving something special, especially when you respect the strict regulations which are put in place both for Bandak and the river. These regulations are crucial for the conservation of this unique river and the trout that swim here.Read more
Fly ­fishing ­in ­Lesja
SakGudbrandsdalslågen at Lora can offer some excellent fishing. Under the right conditions you can see the fish. Read more
New ­owners ­at ­Rena ­Fishcamp
SakRena Fiskecamp has new owners.Read more
Season ­opening ­on ­River ­Rena
SakIn connection with the season opening on Rena at midnight May 1st 2021, The Åmot Elvelag (river association) will hold an arrangement on on April 30th.Read more
Grimsa ­Fly ­Fishing ­Zone ­– ­Licenses ­for ­the ­picky ­fly ­fisher
SakPre-season licenses for Grimsa Fly Fishing in Folldal are now available. Season starts June 1st.Read more
Preseason ­License ­Sale ­2021 ­– ­Vangrøfta
SakFishing licenses for Vangrøfta are available for sale starting Thursday February 25 at 9:00 am.Read more
Ten ­Rivers ­– ­A ­Father ­and ­Son ­Fishing ­Trip
SakThis season has had it’s ups and downs for Kjell and Lukas Rakkenes. However, there is more film coming down the pipeline from these boys in Ten Rivers Trip.Read more
The ­Green ­Dragon
SakWith a long and slender body slimming towards the tail, which is equipped with three long, thin feelers, which are almost black. The tail is curled upwards towards its back almost like a mallard feather, and this is certainly the reason they have been named Green DrakeRead more
A ­Round ­Trip ­with ­“TruttaGutta” ­in ­Fishspot.
SakThe "Trutta Gutta" (Trout Boys) have a passion for targeting trout on the fly, and often can be found somewhere in the Fishspot areas on the hunt for good times. Read more
Fishing ­Report ­from ­Fishspot ­Land.
SakWe have recently received some good reports from roundabout in Fishspot Land. To sum things up: Big trout, tons of grayling, successful family trips, increased accessibility, and rapidly changing weather. Read more
The ­Hobby ­Photographer
SakFishspot’s Web Editor, Bjørnar Hansen, is an artist in both catching fish and capturing landscape motifs. While he previously preferred the fly rod, the camera has become the one thing he can’t leave at home.Read more
“The ­Ditch ­Otters” ­Tricked ­a ­Trout
SakThe trio who call themselves “The Ditch Otters” (Grøftoterne) have just finished their annual trip to Vangrøfta. They caught some nice fish, despite the nasty cold weather.Read more
The ­fly ­in ­the ­pool
SakAnders Sveen Hansen warmed up for the fishing season when he noticed movement in a tiny pool in the marsh. This is the fly that enticed that trout to rise.Read more