Late ­season ­on ­Tokkeåi
SakFishing guide Jake Semons longs for big trout in Tokkeåi and gives good insight as the season draws to a closeRead more
Fall ­Fishing
SakWarm sunny autumn days are undoubtedly the best when it comes to Grayling fishing.Read more
Prøv ­høstrøyene ­i ­Tydalsfjellene
Sak- Nå på høsten er røya mer aggressiv og lettlurt Read more
Fishing ­at ­Selsvollene ­and ­Gudbrandsdalslaagen
SakIn the upper parts of the Laagen river in sentral Norway, you will find some fantastic clear water fishing for trout and grayling. The full name of the river is Gudbrandsdalslågen, and […]Read more
Tour ­de ­Fishspot ­– ­Summing ­up
Sak- We summarize this year's stages in the Tour de Fishspot. If you have completed all the stages? Get an exclusive t-shirtRead more
The ­Ditch ­Otters ­– ­Summer ­2021
Sak- A feelgood report from a fishing trio in VangrøftaRead more
The ­Rendalen ­report
SakIt is mid august, meaning there is almost one month of the season left on Mistra, Nordre Rena, Unetåa, and the other rivers in Rendalen.Read more
Atumn ­grayling ­fishing
SakTime is running out for the trout fishing in Norway, we won´t write it off yet, but we are approaching the autumn season for grayling.Read more
Welcome ­to ­an ­active ­fall ­in ­Birtedalen ­in ­Fyresdal!
SakWith over over 500 lakes, Fyresdal in West-Telemark is an eldorado for anglers, and the unique terrain offers endless opportunities for a variety of outdoor activities. Read more
Public ­land ­in ­Lesja
Sak- Mountain fishing with svungRead more
The ­mayflies ­of ­autumn
Sak- Get yourself to the river - the best of part of the season is now!Read more
Grayling ­fishing ­in ­the ­fall ­at ­the ­islands ­of ­Koppang.
Sak- Set your calendar for a colorful fishing trip to Stor-ElvdalRead more
The ­Atna ­Watershed
Sak- Fishing in a picturesque landscapeRead more
Fishing ­in ­Folldal
Sak- Lots of opportunitiesRead more
Just ­relax…
Sak- At VingelenRead more
Sak- Like pearls on a stringRead more
Stage ­11
SakRenaelva - Last stopRead more
Stage ­10
Sak- IsterfossenRead more
Stage ­9
SakGalthodetRead more
Stage ­8
Sak- GaltstrømmenRead more
Stage ­7
Sak- Kvennan Fly FishingRead more
Stage ­6
Sak- GrimsaRead more
Stage ­5
Sak- EngeråaRead more
Striking ­out ­in ­Femundsmarka
SakThe well known angler Jan Lillestu was excited to get to Femundsmarka and start the fishing season early… possibly being the first one to fish it this year. Read more