Grimsa ­Fly ­Fishing ­Zone ­– ­Licenses ­for ­the ­picky ­fly ­fisher
SakPre-season licenses for Grimsa Fly Fishing in Folldal are now available. Season starts June 1st.Read more
Preseason ­License ­Sale ­2021 ­– ­Vangrøfta
SakFishing licenses for Vangrøfta are available for sale starting Thursday February 25 at 9:00 am.Read more
Ten ­Rivers ­– ­A ­Father ­and ­Son ­Fishing ­Trip
SakThis season has had it’s ups and downs for Kjell and Lukas Rakkenes. However, there is more film coming down the pipeline from these boys in Ten Rivers Trip.Read more
The ­Green ­Dragon
SakWith a long and slender body slimming towards the tail, which is equipped with three long, thin feelers, which are almost black. The tail is curled upwards towards its back almost like a mallard feather, and this is certainly the reason they have been named Green DrakeRead more
A ­Round ­Trip ­with ­“TruttaGutta” ­in ­Fishspot.
SakThe "Trutta Gutta" (Trout Boys) have a passion for targeting trout on the fly, and often can be found somewhere in the Fishspot areas on the hunt for good times. Read more
Fishing ­Report ­from ­Fishspot ­Land.
SakWe have recently received some good reports from roundabout in Fishspot Land. To sum things up: Big trout, tons of grayling, successful family trips, increased accessibility, and rapidly changing weather. Read more
The ­Hobby ­Photographer
SakFishspot’s Web Editor, Bjørnar Hansen, is an artist in both catching fish and capturing landscape motifs. While he previously preferred the fly rod, the camera has become the one thing he can’t leave at home.Read more
“The ­Ditch ­Otters” ­Tricked ­a ­Trout
SakThe trio who call themselves “The Ditch Otters” (Grøftoterne) have just finished their annual trip to Vangrøfta. They caught some nice fish, despite the nasty cold weather.Read more
The ­fly ­in ­the ­pool
SakAnders Sveen Hansen warmed up for the fishing season when he noticed movement in a tiny pool in the marsh. This is the fly that enticed that trout to rise.Read more
Mr. ­Fishspot
SakGudmund Nygaard is a network builder of legendary status, and he prefers staying out of the spotlight. Now the founder of Fishspot has decided to take a sabbatical, but first…a trip to Finnmarksvidda with the fly rod!Read more
Streamer ­Fishing ­According ­to ­Jake
SakJake Semons is American and has a slightly different approach to fly fishing than most Norwegians. But his method has given many trout, far more than most of us can boast. Jake is a fishing guide with a great knowledge of fishing. In this article he shares some of his thoughts and secrets.Read more
Get ­out ­the ­worms!
SakFlooded rivers are a theme throughout Norway this summer, but it doesn’t mean that you should grab your fishing rod and get out!Read more
Tenkara ­Dreams
SakThis Japanese method of fly fishing is not very well known in Norway, but is practiced religiously by a man in Trysil. This method is both simple and effective according to Chris HendriksRead more
Experience ­Drift ­Fishing ­on ­Rena ­– ­Watermaster ­Kodiak ­Rafts ­for ­Rental
SakGuide Jake Semons rents out 2 Watermaster Kodiak Rafts on Rena River. An excellent offer that gives you better access to good fishing spots.Read more
Hit ­hard ­by ­the ­Corona ­Pandemic
SakFewer foreign tourists means a drop in income for Koppang Camping. Owner Edward Scholten is uncomfortable about the upcoming summer. Read more
Dreaming ­about ­Norway
SakDutchman Eelco de Graaff has taken summer vacation in Norway for 12 years. Now this fly fisherman is hoping that the authorities lighten up on the coronavirus restrictions. Read more
The ­Hunt ­for ­Big ­Trout
SakFishing guide Inge Rønning gives us his insights to the hunt for big fish. Read more
River ­Tya ­closes ­for ­fishing
SakTya, the trout stream in Tydal municipality closes for fishing. The closure took place on May 8th, and will remain closed until further notice. Written by Lars Reitan Read more
News ­from ­Vinger ­Finnskog ­– ­Kongsvinger ­JFF
SakKongsvinger Hunting and Fishing Association closes fishing between 9th to 15th og May due to cultivation effortsRead more
The ­River ­Rena ­is ­Finally ­Open
SakFriday May 1st was the day we’ve all been patiently waiting for, the opener on Rena.Read more
Fishing ­Licenses ­for ­Grimsa ­Fly ­Fishing
SakPre-sale of fishing license for Grimsa fly zone has been opened. Read more
Fall ­Fishing
SakWarm sunny autumn days are undoubtedly the best when it comes to Grayling fishing. The fall colors, crisp air, and glass clear water makes for a great setting.   Here you can […]Read more
With ­drifboat ­in ­the ­Rena ­river
SakSprutnes has been fishing with Lars B. Johansen from a driftboat on the Rena river. Jon-Erlend Sundnes has made a video. The fishing can be good in the Rena river in the […]Read more
Fishspot ­Madness
SakAfter the previous Rena rendezvous during the opening week in may, a grand plan was hatched for “Tour de Fishspot” with myself (Jake Semons), Anders Dahl Eriksen, Andreas Andersson and friends in […]Read more