Why ­I ­never ­became ­a ­Norwegian
SakSamuel and Daniel in DS Fly Fishing have fished around in Fishspot more than 6 years. Now the result is ready, the film “Why did I never become a Norwegian”.     […]Read more
Ten ­Rivers ­Trip ­Season ­II, ­comming ­soon
SakAt Friday (15.03) comes the first episode of Ten Rivers Trip, season II. The film is launched on the youtube channel Rakkenes. Ten Rivers Trip is a series about a father, a […]Read more
Skjåk ­Public ­Lands ­– ­Movie ­premiere
SakWe present our new film from Skjåk Public Lands.     If you are not already familiar with the area, we can inform you that in this extensive land offers fishing oportunities […]Read more
Licenses ­now ­available ­for ­Kvennan ­Fly ­Fishing
SakFishing licenses are now available for Kvennan Fly Fishing for the 2019 season.     Kvennan Fly fishing offers first class fishing for grayling in the upper stretches of the Glomma Watershed, […]Read more
Grimsa ­fly ­fishing ­licenses ­soon ­available
SakThe very popular Grimsa river will have it's tickets in the fly-fishing zone available for sale. Mak sure to log on the 16th of March at 09:00. The fly fishing zone of Grimsa and part of Folla is about 18 km long, and offers a good variety of rapids and quiet water. It`s easy accessible and holds both big trout and big grayling.Read more
Remember ­to ­buy ­your ­fishing ­license ­for ­Vangrøfta ­today!!
SakLicense sales for the renowned Vangrøfta river start today, Wednesday February 13th, at 09.00.   Ensure that you get your hands on a license while they are available, the licenses here sell […]Read more
Licenses ­to ­fish ­the ­Vangrøfta ­river ­available ­for ­sale ­February ­13th
SakIn Vangrøfta river there is a rod-limit of ten rods at any given time. There are no changes to license prices nor regulations from last year. The Vangrøfta river is, despite its popularity, not a very easy river to fish. Read more
Rena ­river ­in ­the ­fall
SakJon-Erlend Sundnes has been in Renaelva, the season is not over yet.Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­37
SakPhoto Andre Brun Elisabeth with a nice grayling taken at the outlet of Lake Galtsjøen, which is better known as Galthue. Even though the fall has come there are still plenty of […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­33 ­– ­Fall ­grayling ­and ­whitefish
SakFall is in the air. For many fly anglers this means time to get out and target grayling. Grayling spawn in the spring, so the only thing they focus on in the […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­32 ­– ­A ­family ­trip ­in ­Rondane
SakThe summer has now ran its’ course, and vacation is over for the most of us. However, there are still excellent fishing opportunities to be had for those who have the time. […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­31 ­– ­A ­boat ­expedition ­with ­the ­Snåsa ­Mountain ­Board
SakThe Finstad/Nygaard family has just returned from their annual wilderness vacation. This year the trip took them to the area around Grønningen and Langvatnet with the Snåsa Mountain Board.  Here you will […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­30 ­– ­Fishing ­with ­a ­view ­of ­Jotunheimen!
SakIf you happen to find yourself in Lom, you might just end up staying here for a while. The national park town of Lom has much to offer, and it is obligatory […]Read more
Rena ­River ­re-opened ­today
SakRena River in Åmot has now reopened after a period with too high water temperature. The water flow is still very modest but the temperature has gone down sufficiently to be considered safe […]Read more
Rena ­River ­closes ­until ­further ­notice
SakThe Åmot River Association, which manages the fishery in Renaelva, closes the river for all fishing due to high water temperatures. The decision applyes from Wednesday, July 25th! The message from The […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­– ­Worlds ­highest ­grayling ­population?
SakØystein Enghaug Solstad, guide at Laagen Fly Fishing, has been on a new hike accompanied by good friends and fishing rods to what may be the world’s highest grayling population, a trip […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­28
SakIt’s time for a new update on some of what has happened in Fishspot this past week. The summer vacation is now a fact and for many, fishing is synonymous with vacation. […]Read more
Two ­days ­in ­Lesja ­Mountains ­– ­Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­27
SakWith the effect of the summers long-lasting drought and low water flow in our rivers, a hike in the mountains with your fishing rod is something to be considered for upcoming week. […]Read more
Holselva ­closed ­until ­further ­notice
SakThe Holselva riverboard has decided that all booking of fishing licenses for Holselva River will be stopped due to very low water levels and the weather forecast predicts no significant rain in the […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­26
SakNew fishing report from the week that has passed. Week 26 was once again a period of glorious weather, without precipitation of significance. And it is well noticable in our rivers! The […]Read more
Mountain ­trout ­fishing ­– ­Hardangervidda ­east
SakUpper Numedal Mountain board can offer som fantastic trout fishing on  the Hardanger mountain plains.  You can fish on remote locations on deep hiking trips hours in to the mountain, as well as […]Read more
Video ­report ­exposes ­fishing ­in ­Engerdal
SakOur man in Engerdal, Jan Lillestu, has once again been on a fishing trip close to home. And as always when he’s out, fishing seems to bee good. This time it became […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­25
SakNew week and new fish reports from around Fishspot. A bit windy conditions has characterized fishing this week, without having diminished either the fishing or the results for our contributors. Our own ambassador, Jon […]Read more
Tight ­with ­Fishspot ­week ­24
SakPhoto: Bernd Ziesche, Sexyloops.com. Bernd Ziesche with his 65 cm trout from Glomma at Kvennan Fly Fishing. Photo: Tore L. Rydgren. Tore L. Rydgren visited Sølndalen, where he encountered a lot of mosquitoes, […]Read more