The ­Ditch ­Otters ­– ­Summer ­2021

- A feelgood report from a fishing trio in Vangrøfta

As is tradition, we three ride together. Sigbjørn, Håvard and Olav. It’s just fantastic to come back to this beautiful town with farm animals and feilds around every corner!

The fishing this season was plagued by warm dry weather. The sinking water levels combined with the hot weather made for tough fishing conditions. However, we did find some fish over the course of the trip. Not the biggest, but we had decent fishing.

The fantistic weather made for many fine days and evenings!

Vangrøfta on a warm summer evening. Perfectly still and slow flowing.

The trout in Vangrøfta are beatufil creatures!

“Not one of the largest” began the fishing report – And although we agree, isn’t it really more about the quality of the fish?

A big thanks to the Ditch Otters Sigbjørn, Håvard and Olav for a nice report from their trip to Vangrøfta this summer. We assume it will not be their last trip to this beautiful river!