FisheryThe Bjordalen Valley is a mountain fishing eldorado in Skarvheimen where you will find access to 20 lakes. This area offers exciting sports fishing opportunities for trout, and you will also find an exclusive fly-fishing zone. With a limited license sales and a small amount of anglers in the area you will be able to get away from the crowds and feel like you truly have the mountains to yourself.Read more
Cabin ­and ­7 ­kilometers ­exclusive ­river ­fishing
FisheryÅbjørstua offers 7 kilometers of exclusive river fishing in typical Nordland’s nature, far away from other people and the stress of the outside world.Read more
Pike ­fishing ­in ­Vestsjøen ­lake
FisheryIn Vestsjøen lake you will find a rear pearl of a destination. You will have the lake to your self while sleeping in an old traditional log cabin in rough standard. The pike lake is secluded from roads and you will experience solitude and wild nature. It comes with two boats ideal for fly-fishing.Read more
Jotun ­Fishing
FisheryJotun Fishing offers tailor made fishing experiences in the majestic mountains surrounding Valdres. Offering guided day trips to one or more exclusive fishing destinations in Jotunheimen, the opportunities abound here. Everything from high mountain lake fishing to gin clear rivers and brooks, and here you will find nothing but trout. Guided trips are arranged according to individual clients.Read more
Aursjøene ­– ­exclusive ­trout ­lakes
FisheryThe Aursjøene lakes in Rendalen municipality gives you private access to some wonderful fishing areas in beautiful surroundings. The two lakes are completely sheltered and will give you the privacy and solitude many travellers are looking for. The fishing includes the two lakes and a set of rural cabins made up of timber logs.Read more
Vestsjøberget ­Fly ­Fishing
FisheryVestsjøberget Fly Fishing offers a very diverse stretch in the Trysil river. There are slow flowing areas that are perfect for dry fly fishing and faster stretches perfectly suited for nymph- and streamer fishing as well. The Trysil river has a rich insect life, and the highlights is the large hatches of the Danica mayfly.Read more