To better the recruitment and having more young people finding their way into nature, we have made fishing places with facilities especially for children.

We might as well have called it fishing for “families with children”, as that is what it essentially is. To make fishing interesting to children, the most important thing is that its very likely that they will catch a fish. We also choose places that are easily accessible, safe and have shelters and a fireplace. We also put out information boards with tips and instructions on fishing. Bring your kids to a great outdoor experience.

Lake ­Kullsjøen ­in ­Oppdal
FisheryLake Kullsjøen in Oppdal offers an active and social environment for children and families. While waiting for the food to cook on the barbeque kids can fish, swim, or play volleyball. This […]Read more
Fishing ­for ­Kids ­in ­Båttjønndalen
FisheryBåttjønndalen is a magnificent mountain valley with several lakes stretching throughout its’ length in a rich mountain landscape. Best of all it is easily accessible from the road. At Lake Langen the […]Read more
Fishing ­At ­Rødberg ­Fritidspark
FisheryUvdal Permeates fishing history and tradition. A day of fishing in this area will be an experience that you won’t soon forget. Above and beyond the spectacular fishing to be found here, […]Read more
Fishing ­for ­children ­in ­Trysil
FisheryAmong Trysils many lakes one may simply pick and choose among exhilarating fishing . But there are also some that are particularly child-friendly and suitable for their fishery. Both when it comes […]Read more
Svartsjøen ­lake
FisheryAt Svartsjøen lake in Kvikne municipality it has been made facilities especially for children. The fishing for trout in the little lake is very good, and fish can easily be caught on rod or hand-line. The trout is numerous […]Read more
Storabbortjernet ­– ­(big ­perch ­lake)
FisheryEasily accessible, less than 400 meters from parking, you will find Storabbortjernet lake in Åsnes municipality. The name translates “big perch lake”, but i also houses a hige number og smaller perch and also trout. […]Read more