Trysilelva ­(Trysil ­River)

Trysilelva offers almost 100 km of varied fishing opportunities. No matter how you prefer to fish, this river has something for all sports fishermen. Trout and grayling in in the faster moving […]

Trysilelva offers almost 100 km of varied fishing opportunities. No matter how you prefer to fish, this river has something for all sports fishermen. Trout and grayling in in the faster moving water, or pike, perch, and whitefish in the wide slow moving sections of river, you can fish from the banks or from a boat. There are many opportunities here! This fishing area stretches from the border of the Engerdal Municipality in the north above Sennsjøen, all the way down to the border of Sweden. Throughout this river there are only two private areas.


Trysilelva between Engerdal Municipality and Lake Sennsjøen offers excellent fishing in fantastic nature in Trysil. The river here runs faster with Grayling as the primary species, but there are trout here above 2 kg. This stretch of river has a maximum size limit. Lake Sennsjøen is a portion of Selve River, and here you will find whitefish as the dominated species with good populations of perch, pike, and burbot. There is good access to the lake along the road on the eastern bank. Large parts of the river are wadeable, but it can be an advantage to fish from a canoe here.


The stretch from Sennsjøen the the confluence of Engeråa is known as a very good stretch of river. Here the currents are widely varied, with rapids separated by deep pools and runs. This is a well known place for larger fish. Grayling, trout, and whitefish are the dominant species in this stretch. There are several ideal places along the river through this stretch, but some of them can be difficult to reach due to the uneven terrain.


The stretch from Eidehølen to Jordet is an even flowing faster moving section of river where you will find grayling and trout. You won’t find the largest fish here, but you will find a lot of fish! However, through some portions of this stretch of river it is not uncommon to catch fish between 1-2 kg.


The stretch from Jordet to Innbygda is very popular amongst fly fishermen. Here you will find well-known fishing spots such as Djupfloen, Trettkilen, Mosengfloen, and Øren. This is a very good stretch of river for grayling and the trout are slightly smaller, but you will find larger fish as well. The river is wide and shallow here.


The stretch from Innbygda til Koloa is where the river starts to slow down. The bottom is very nice here, and the banks are overhanging. In the still moving portions you will find plenty of pike, perch, whitefish, and grayling, but pike are the dominant species. The whitefish can get huge here, with 1-2 kilos being quite common and specimens up to 3 kilo being caught each year! In the faster moving portions you will find grayling and some trout, and although there are not many trout here they can be quite large. The grayling typically range from 300 to 600 grams, but there are many grayling caught weighing over 1 kilo. Well-known fishing spots here include Gråa and Øråstryket. This area is great for dry fly fishing from a boat, or by wading from the banks.


From the Koloåas confluence to the Swedish border there is a maximum size limit. Trout over 30 cm and grayling over 35 cm must be released. Pleas note that Gjerfloen Fluefiske (fly fishing) and Vestsjøberget Fluefiske are both private stretches of river that are located within this stretch. Each of these portions require their own fishing license, and the general license for Trysilelva is not valid here.


Fishing license

This license covers most of the Trysil area and includes ore than 100 lakes, rivers and creeks.



Day NOK 130,00 | Week NOK 390,00 | Season NOK 580,00


Fishing license can be purchased at the tourist office and at local grocery stores and sporting goods stores.

Buy fishing licence Report your catch


  • Fishing is permitted all year
  • Maximum size for trout and grayling:   trout over 30 cm and grayling over 35 cm are to be put back unharmed.
  • Salom might be caught in the Trysil river and are to be put back with no acceptation.
  • Barb-less hooks.
  • The license is personal and only applies to that person. ID must be shown together with license.
  • Children under the age of 16 can fish without license.
  • Violation to the fishing regulations will be reported.

Other information

For an exact direction to what waters are covered by the license we urge you to look at the pfd map.

Fishing from boat is allowed but not in Røsjøen

Leave nothing in nature, bring home only your trash and memories.

Show respect for farmlands and buldings.


Trysil common assosiation | Fishing map (pdf) | Complete fishing regulations-2016.pdf

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