Snaufjellvatnet, (bald mountain lake) in the heart of Akselfjella, has a self-explanatory name. The rugged high mountain surroundings stretch for as far as the eye can see, with mighty peaks in the […]

Snaufjellvatnet, (bald mountain lake) in the heart of Akselfjella, has a self-explanatory name. The rugged high mountain surroundings stretch for as far as the eye can see, with mighty peaks in the skyline.  This is a typical high mountain lake, where the fishing season is short but the action is intense during the few months when fish are feeding. The average size is well over average here compared with most other high mountain lakes, and the fish are shiny silver with beautiful red meat.

As is typical for a high mountain lake the fish can be quite spooky so it is wise to keep a low profile and stalk the fish, standing as far from the banks as possible. Anglers who are fish here often recommend fishing late in the evenings and through the night. This usually gives much better results than fishing during midday.

Snaufjellvatnet and the surrounding lakes are also ideal for fly-fishing with lighter tackle, and we recommend a line weight 4 or 5 rod and a mayfly during the midsummer hatches at these types of lakes. And don’t leave the worms at home when headed out for a hike to these lakes… Many anglers swear by fishing worms along the bottom or with a bobber in the evenings, and for very good reason.

This area is quite unique, and there are many good lakes to be fished deeper into the mountains. Simply pick a lake, and go fishing. And do not overlook the small pools and ponds along the way, because they can be home to big surprises.


The easiest access is by Grøningsvegen or Storåsvegen, which is roughly 20km in the summer.

Fishing Licence

The Snåsa Mountain Board manages nearly 1 400 000 acres of public land in Snåsa Kommune. Here you will find forests, rivers, mountains, and over 2000 fishable lakes


24 Hour NOK 100,00 | Week NOK 350,00 | Season NOK 400,00 | Season Family NOK 600,00

Fishing licenses can be purchased online or at local outlets including sports shops, camping areas, and tourist information centers

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(Excerpt from the local fishing regulations. Read the complete fishing regulations here)

  • Anyone participating in any type of fishing must acquire a fishing licnese. A season fishing license is valid for the calendar year.
  • Anglers are required to familiarize themselves with the established rules and boundaries within the area.
  • Children and youth under 20 years old fish for free.
  • Use of live bait (fish and minnows) is strictly forbidden, however it is allowed to use either worms or insects as bait.
  • Fishing with any type of hook can only be done either with a rod and reel or hand line, and must be done actively.
  • Provisions for border waters:
    • Skjækervatnet may be fished in its entirety.
    • Bangsjøene requires it’s own fishing license
  • Anglers are required to show their fishing license upon request from any type of supervision.
  • Anglers must show care to the fish and the environment, and respect to fellow anglers.
  • Failure to comply with rules and regulations will lead to arrest.

Other information

In the National Park area it is allowed to make campfires out of deadfall, but standing pine (dead or alive) is protected.

Always carry proper rain clothes and a warm change of clothing. Even in the middle of summer the weather here can change drastically, and staying dry makes for a much better time in the mountains.

If you pack it in, pack it out. Please do not litter, taking care of the environment is our joint responsibility.

Whenever possible please use marked parking areas.

Show respect to populated areas, and to anyone else you may meet on your trip.


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