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Upper Numedal Fjellstyre (board of public lands) manages the fishing in 57 water systems within a 13000 acre area in East Hardangervidda.  These public lands are centrally located in Hardangervidda and border […]

Upper Numedal Fjellstyre (board of public lands) manages the fishing in 57 water systems within a 13000 acre area in East Hardangervidda.  These public lands are centrally located in Hardangervidda and border to Telemark county in the south and Hordaland County in the west. The Board of Public Lands primary focus is to manage usufructuary rights and business in the local community, while safeguarding the the local community and society at large through conservational and recreational interests.


Fly Fishing

If you want to find some of the finest trout that Eastern Norway has to offer you can try Geitvassdalen. This water system has a very healthy population of wild trout, more than healthy enough for one to land in the frying pan without making you feel bad about it.

Getting here is a bit challenging however as it takes roughly 3-4 hours to hike in. Most choose to hike in via Mårbu, however you are also able to take a boat from ”Synken” and Bendik Prestgården is the man to get ahold of if you would like to arrange a ferry. He can be reached at +47 90227474.


From Mårbu take the easiest trail towards ”Rauhelleren”. From here you will eventually make your way to Numedalslågen and Geitvassdalen. If you steer off of the trail westwards you can find the Fjellstyre cabin Jegerbu or continue to Muran, which is a large stone cabin on the banks of Geitvatnet. There are great fishing spots through the entire length of Numedalslågen, from where it runs out of Lågaros to the lowest section towards Krossvatnet. The fishing license for Hardangervidda East gives the right to fish in all running waters in this area.


Tere is also another option for finding your way to this trout-mecca. Either to hike from Tinnhølen/Trondsbu southwards or to hike from Solheimstulen in Uvdal. From here you will find another trail which is also biker friendly, and this trail leads roughly 30 km to the cabin ”Jegerbu”.


Family Friendly Fishing

The northern end of Hardangervidda is, for the most part, easy hiking. It is primarily flat, and lends itself well to familys with children without being too much of a physical challenge.

Offers we have on cabins in this area are ”Kolven” and ”Bakketjønn”. Kolven is located close to Halnefjorden and a boat ride in from Halne Fjellstova is easy to arrange, just call +47 53665712 for info on departure times.


Right next to Kolven you will find the river ”Sevra”, which is known for holding big trout. Fishing licenses are available for purchase at several local sports stores and tourist information centers as well as at www.inatur.no. This license is called “STANGFISKE HARDANGERVIDDA ØST”.

When you arrange your trip through ”Arbeidernes Jeger- og Fiskeforenings” cabins at Sleipa it is only an extra hour to hike to the cabin ”Kolven”. Here you will find a good trail heading westwards that you can follow.


Our cabins are typically locked, and must be booked in advance. It is easy to book cabins via mail at ovre.numedal@fjellstyrene.no. You can also call  +4799109720 for booking, but they always answer email.

Fishing License

Fishing licenses give the right to fish with a rod and reel in the entire Upper Numedal area, and running water in the following water systems: Lågen from Lågaros to Ossjøen, Hein from Heintjønn to Ossjøen, Djupa and Djupestubben. All waters in Lågenvassdraget from Ossjøen to Pålsbufjorden/Nore and Uvdal border. Please note that some select areas are not included in this license.

Please see Fishing map for Upper Numedal Fjellstyre  (external link) for more details.



Day NOK 100,00 | 2 Day NOK 150,00 | 3 Day NOK 250,00 | Week NOK 350,00 | Season NOK 700,00

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Fishing Rules

(Exerpt from fishing rules.  Complete set of rules at Upper Numedal Fjellstyre homepage (in Norwegian).

  • Fishing is closed from October 1st to December 31st..
  • Allowed fishing methods are using either a fly, worm, or lure. Handlining is not allowed.
  • Fishing license can only be used by the purchaser and are non transferrable. They are not valid without identification.
  • Children under 16 years of age fish for free.
  • Breaking the rules can lead to arrest and or confiscation of fishing gear.


Other Information

Please show respect. This is an hugely valuable high mountain area with unique plant and animal life as well as historic cultural sites

If you pack it in pack it out. Again, please show respect and take all trash out with you.


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Øvre Numedal Statsallmenning | Telephone: +47 32 74 15 87 | Email: ovre.numedal@fjellstyrene.no

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