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Come and experience the fishing for char and trout in the shadows of the iconic mountains ranges of Sylan and Skardsjella, near the border of Sweden. This is in many ways the […]

Come and experience the fishing for char and trout in the shadows of the iconic mountains ranges of Sylan and Skardsjella, near the border of Sweden. This is in many ways the “Filet Mignon” of the beautiful nature surrounding Trondelag. The mountain lakes in Tydal are known for their large char that feed on crustaceans and most everything else that moves.


All in all you will find roughly 540 lakes of varying size within the Tydal area. This includes everything from easily accessible lakes to mountain lakes requiring a multi day backpacking adventure. Small and medium size lakes can be found just about everywhere between the pine forests and the mountain peaks. The larger lakes are the easiest to find, but it can be a big advantage to have a boat if you want to find fish. Most of the lakes have mixed populations of trout and char. Trout are dominant in the lower elevations while char dominate the highlands, and some of the lakes are home to burbot.


In Tydal Kommune a quarter of the total land area is over 900 meters above sea level. The steep hills rise up from the lowlands and become wide mountain valleys consisting primarily of wetlands, ending up in high mountains that surround the town. In the northwest lies the Fongen mountain range, and in the east lies the majestic mount Sylan and Skarsfjella on the border to Sweden at 1762 and 1546 meters over sea level respectively. In the southeast lies mount Hyllingen and Blåhammeren at an elevation of 1321. Fishing here can be great year round, and each season has it’s own charm and opportunities. There are even snowmobile trails providing access for ice fishing anglers.


There are several large lakes here that are regulated. In these lakes, including Esandsjøen and Nesjøen, you will find incredible fishing for char. You will also find the opportunity for very large trout, which primarily feed on char. Remember that in both of these lakes there is the opportunity for boat rentals through various sources, and it is not allowed to use your own boat, canoe, or kayak for fishing.


In many of the smaller lakes you will also find plenty of healthy fish. In the smaller forest lakes you will primarily find trout, while in the lakes within the Nea and Tya watersheds you will also find Burbot. The burbot here can grow very large, and we would not be surprised to see the future Norwegian record come from this area.


Fishing License

The Tydals License is a common license, which covers all 7 fishing areas in the municipality. Note the areas that are not included under this license. More specific information can be found in the Fishing Guide.


Pricing (Tydals License):

Fishing from land: 24 Hour NOK 132,00 | Week NOK 660,00 | Season NOK 1320,00

Fishing from boat:  24 Hour NOK 187,00 | Week NOK 935,00 | Season NOK 1870,00

There are also licenses available for families. These are valid for two parents and all children between 16-18 years old. Children under the age of 16 do not need a license.

Family license – fishing from land: 24 Hour NOK 187,00 | Season NOK 1760,00

Family license – fishing from boat: 24 Hour NOK 250,00 | Season NOK 2310,00


Fishing licenses may be purchased either online, via SMS, and at various local outlets in the area.

Buy fishing licence


Fishing licenses are valid for fishing with a rod and reel or a handline from land or from a boat. When several adults are fishing together from a boat a license must be acquired for each line in the water, or for each adult in the boat.


Allowed tackle:

  • Unattended lines in the water are not allowed. Use of live bait is strictly forbidden.
  • Use of personal boats, canoes, or kayaks is only allowed in Stuggusjøen. Fishing here is limited to a maximum of 4 rods per boat.

Fishing Season:

  • Open year round, with the exception of the rivers Tya and Nea, which are closed to fishing from September 15th to April 14th.

Bag limits:

  • In the Håen – Esfossen stretch of the River Tya: Bag limit of one fish over 40 cm per day. Not bag limits on fish under this size.
  • In Nea and Græslidammen:  Bag limit of one fish over 40 cm per day. Not bag limits on fish under this size.
  • Otherwise there are no bag limits for the rest of the lakes and rivers in Tydal.
  • There are specific areas where fishing is forbidden. Please see these areas marked on the map in the fishing guide.
  • To reduce the spread of fish born illness and parasites, all fishing gear including tackle, waders, boats, and anything else that has been used in another watershed must be rinsed off before use in the Tydal fishing area. Fish guts must be buried or thrown in a trash container.
  • Children under 16 years old fish for free.

Other Information

Show respect for fenced land. Do not walk across farmed land.

If you pack it in, pack it out. Throw away all trash and leave the area as you would like it to be found

Use marked parking areas whenever possible.

Show respect to everyone you meet along your way.



Tydal Landowners Association Facebook  |  Fishing Guide for Tydal

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