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The beautiful Selbusjøen offers very exciting fishing opportunities for pike, trout, char, and burbot in Sør Trøndelags largest lake. At 58 square kilometers and surrounded by farmland, here you will find the […]

The beautiful Selbusjøen offers very exciting fishing opportunities for pike, trout, char, and burbot in Sør Trøndelags largest lake. At 58 square kilometers and surrounded by farmland, here you will find the opportunity at a pike of a lifetime! With a high number of fast growing fish in very good condition, it’s hard to beat Selbusjøen for large pike.


Selbusjøen is over 58 square km in size, and is over 200 m deep at the deepest point. This lake is regulated, so the water levels can vary.


The fish population in Selbusjøen originally consisted only of trout, char, and burbot, and the lake is renowned for very good fishing for these species. However, the fish population changed temporarily after the lake was regulated, and there were less trout and char to be found. However, in previous years the population of char has skyrocketed, and the lake has a very healthy population of burbot.


Since the early 2000’s pike have been registered as a new species in Selbusjøen. Research suggests that they are thriving in Selbusjøen, with their own spawning areas and excellent access to nutrition. Here they have found that pike can grow from 10-14 cm in length annually. The majority of the pike in the lake can be found on the western and eastern ends, but there have also been pike found in several areas that aren’t considered typical pike habitat. The pike population is growing, and they can now be found throughout the entire lake.

There have been pike caught weighing up to 9 kg, and pike fishing has become increasingly popular here in recent years. The best areas for pike fishing here are near Skarodden and Flønes, near Tømra and Andelsbruket, and near Eidemsvika and Vikvarvet.


Selbusjøen Land Owners Association manages the fishing in Selbusjøen, and they are concerned with managing the spread of pike in order to conserve the lakes population of trout. As a result, the fishing regulations in Selbusjøen reflect this goal.

While pike are indeed an attractive sports fish, it is vital to manage the population of competing species. Therefore, all pike over 80 cm in length must be released, while there is no bag limit on pike under this length. This regulation has been set in place in order to maintain a healthy population of all species within the lake.


Selbu Outdoors Association offers a common fishing license (Selbukortet), which gives access to very affordable fishing in most lakes and rivers throughout Selbu. In addition to this license those who wish to fish in the river Nea may purchase an additional license, which is valid from the municipality border of Selbu and Tydal downstream to the rivers outlet into Selbusjøen. Otherwise, each individual member of the association sells individual licenses to the areas they manage. These types of cards may be purchased via sporting goods stores, gas stations, and on location.

The Fishing License

This fishing license is valid for fishing with traditional rod and reel tackle, planer boards, or hand lines from a boat (no planer boards allowed in Nea). The Selbu Common License is valid for 9 out of 13 license zones in Selbu. Areas not included under this license can be found marked in red in the brochure Fishing Guide for Selbu.



Selbusjøen: 24 Hour NOK 50,00 | Season NOK 400,00

Selbukortet: 24 Hour NOK 200,00 | Week NOK 400,00 | Season NOK 800,00


Fishing licenses can also be purchased at the Tourist Information Center, sporting goods stores, gas stations, etc.

Note: Certain areas have individual licenses and prices. Fishing licenses for these areas must be purchased on location.

Buy fishing licence Report your catch


  • Open year round with the exception of the closure from September 15th to October 15th.
  • Maximum size limit on trout: 45 cm.  Maximum size limit on pike: 80 cm.
  • All fish over the maximum size limit must be released unharmed, with the following exception: Each angler may catch and kill one trout per day over the maximum size limit.
  • Any type of unattended fishing tackle is strictly prohibited.
  • The fishing license is for personal use only, and is non transferrable. Fishing licenses are only valid along with legal identification.
  • Children under 16 fish for free.
  • Fishing from a boat is allowed. Motorized boats are allowed in Selbusjøen. Boats with electric motors may be used in Østrungen, Børsjøen, and Hersjøen.
  • Cultivation and planting fish is strictly forbidden without special permission.
  • Do not clean fish that have been caught in another watersystem. Remains of cleaned fish must be taken to the trash, or buried. Water must not be transferred between watersystems. All fishing equipment, including boots, waders, tackle, and boats must be washed and dried before being used in another water system. With suspicion of fish sickness please contact Selbu Wilderness Association in Selbu at +47 909 58 599, or +47 975 59 758.
  • Illegal fishing will be reported and may lead to arrest.

Other Information

Show respect to private property and to others while fishing. If you pack it in, pack it out. Caring for and maintaining the environment is our joint responsibility.


Selbusjøen Land Owners Association | Selbu Outdoor Association | Fishing Map (pdf) | Fishing Guide for Selbu


Selbu Outdoor Association – Lars Olav Mogård | Telephone 90958599 | Email: lars.olav@neanett.no

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