Fly ­Fishing ­in ­Engerdal

With a large amount of fishable water there is almost always something new to discover in Engerdal, or you can simply choose fish at one of well managed Fly Fishing Only zones – established as such because they are naturally ideal for fly fishing.

Surrounded by wilderness and steeped in fly-fishing history and tradition, Engerdal offers everything you are looking for on your next fishing trip. Trout, grayling, whitefish and char gorge on insects during the long summer evenings.

With a large amount of fishable water there is almost always something new to discover in Engerdal, or you can simply choose fish at one of well managed Fly Fishing Only zones – established as such because they are naturally ideal for fly fishing.

Fly-fishing has a long history in Engerdal. It was here, along the banks of Lake Galtsjøen, that the English lawyer brothers found their fly-fishing mecca during the end of the 1800 ‘s. It was these two brothers who introduced the locals to fly fishing, strongly influenced by Frederic M. Halfords philosophies. In more recent times this is the place that well known fly tiers such as Jon and Erling Sand developed patterns that became well known throughout Scandinavia, all due to the unique quality of fishing found in Engerdal.

Whether you decide to fish from a canoe or kayak along the banks of the large lakes, hunting large trout, grayling, or shallow water whitefish – or you choose one of the fly fishing zones in running water – you are guaranteed to find something that suits your taste! This area gives many opportunities with its roughly 900 large and small lakes, rivers, and streams. The varied water systems here are home to large trout, char, grayling, pike, perch, whitefish, and very large burbot.

Here you will find rivers with slow flowing sections which are perfect for spotting rising fish, excellent pocket water stretches, runs, deep pools, and tail outs. You will find a great spot to fish here no matter the time of year or your preferred method of fishing – dry, streamer, or nymph.

The fishing in Engerdal not only offers a wide diversity in fishing, but also has a wide variety of management. You can either experience wilderness fishing far from civilization in Femundsmarka – or easily accessible fishing from the road and handicapped accessible fishing. The Engerdall Mountain Board manages the fishing here and is active in both cultivation and planting of fish as well as calcium PH regulation.

The Fly Fishing Zones

Galstrømmen Fly Fishing Zone is located between Galthåen and Galtsjøen. Waders are a necessity in Galstrømmen. When you experience the large mayfly and caddis hatches here you will find large grayling, large whitefish, and very large trout coming into the current to feed. It is hard to top the excitement to be had here when the 3 kg trout start surfacing during the warm June evenings. There is a bag limit on trout and grayling, but there is no limit on license sales.

Galthodet Fly Fishing Zone is located from the outlet of Galtsjøen and downstream through Femundselva River. On the west banks of Galthodet you will find Smithsetra, which was established by English fly fishing lords during the end of the 1800’s. Grayling are the dominant species here and there is a very good chance to catch grayling over 45 cm. There is a bag limit on trout and grayling, but no limit on license sales.

Engeråa Fly Fishing Zone , Erling Sand and Torill Kolbu’s favorite river. Engeråa is a little river running from lake Liti-Engeren, twisting through forest and farmland down towards Engersjøen. This river offers good opportunity for grayling and trout throughout the entire river. This area has a bag limit of two fish, and a maximum length limit, but otherwise does not have any limits on the amount of licenses sold. The fly-fishing zone is located in the rivers lower stretch abover lake Engersjøen, starting at Kansebekken creek.

Isterfossen Fly Fishing Zone  at the outlet of large Lake Isteren you will find excellent grayling fishing throughout the entire summer. When the hatches start in early summer the larger lake grayling come down into the outlet to feast, and the rising here can be very intense. Lake Isteren is a sort of water magazine, and the water levels in the outlet are very dependent upon precipitation. Please note that there are bag limits on trout and grayling, but there are no limits on license sales.

Fishing License

This fishing license is valid for the entire county with the exception of Isteren, Ormutusjøen, Svalsjøen, Sylens private areas, Hyllsjøen and Store Hundsjøen (see the fishing guide).

Day- NOK 130,00 | 3 Days NOK 260,00 | Week NOK 390,00 | Season NOK 700,00

Fishing Licenses can be purchased either online or locally.

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Fishing Regulaltions

  • Fishing is allowed year round with the following exceptions:
    • In all streams and rivers it is forbidden to fish from Semptember 1st to November 15th due to spawning, with the excepetion Femundselva where fishing is allowed during this period, and in Gløta, Isterfossen and Sømåa, where only grayling can be targeted during this period. Also remember that fishing rods are forbidden in Gløta, Isterfossen and Femundselva in the spring from the 15th of march to the 15th of may to protect the population of large stationary trout.
  • Catch regulations:
    • In Røa, Sømåa, Gløta, Sømåkvolvet and Lomtjønna the minimum size limit is 25 cm.
    • In Gløta and in the area Isterfossen and Femundselva downstream to the Trysil border there is no limit on fish under 30 cm and anglers are allowed on trout over 30 cm and one grayling over 38 cm per day.
    • In Femund and Langsjøen there is no limit on fish under 40 cm, and anglers are allowed to take 2 trout over 40 cm per day, or 2 fish per boat.
    • In Sømåa anglers are allowed two grayling per day, of which only one can be over 38 cm.
    • In Engeråa anglers are allowed two trout or grayling per day of which only one can be over 38 cm.
    • In Drevsjøen and Vurrusjøen the maximum size limit on pike is 85 cm. All pike over this size must be realeased.
  • The fishing license gives the right to use one fishing rod and up to three ice fishing rods as long as multiple rods are given constant attention. It is also allowed to use the norwegian “Oter” which is a floating planer board with multiple fishing rigs attatched to the board. Trolling is allowed with a maximum of 6 rods and lures per boat in Engersjøen and Femund, and a maximum of 4 rods and lures in Langsjøen, Drevsjøen and Vurrusjøen.
  • Fishing licenses are for personal use only and are not valid without valid identification.
  • Children under 16 years old fish for free.
  • Illegal fishing can be punishable by fine or arrest.
  • Telphone – Fishing control : +47 62 45 91 77 (Engerdal Fjellstyre)

Other information

Parts of Femunds neighboring wilderness areas are also fishable under special regulations.  Most access is trail less, and fires are allowed only where twigs are found on the ground away from dry vegetation.

There are several official fireplaces and trash cans throughout the area, and these should be used always. Use respect towards other anglers and towards nature, maintaining this beautiful environment is our responsibility as anglers.


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