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Valdres stretches from the lush valleys rich in forests and lakes in the south, all the way to the mighty Jotunheimen peak in the north. In Valdres you will find over 3000 […]

Valdres stretches from the lush valleys rich in forests and lakes in the south, all the way to the mighty Jotunheimen peak in the north. In Valdres you will find over 3000 lakes of varying size, in addition to a large number of rivers and streams. The options here are almost endless, and you will find a wide variety of fishing spots to suit your preferred angling style. Here you will find desolate high mountain lakes awaiting you after a refreshing hike, and plenty of easily accessible fishing along the roads.


In Valdres you will primarily find trout as the dominant species, but you will also find some water systems that are home to char, whitefish, perch, and pike. In order to make fishing in Valrdres more accessible for everyone you will find around 70 lakes and streams of varying size that are grouped together under a common license “Fishing in Valdres”. This license is valid from the period between the 15th of June to the 15th of August.

Below we will present a prime selection of the water systems you can fish under the common license, but there are many other water systems and lakes you may fish with the common license which are not presented here.


Begna River:  Begna river, running from Bagn in Valdres and southward towards Nes in Ådal is a very popular river. In Begna you will find trout, perch, pike, and whitefish (pike can only be found south of Eid). In the upper section the river shifts between rapids and slower sections with many fine fishing holes. South of the Grimsrud Bridge the river flattens out and runs much slower as it flows towards Sperillen. The Begna River is regulated, and rapid changes in water flows may occur. Begna is a great river for both fly fishing and fishing with spinning tackle or worms. Large variations throughout the river give plenty of opportunities for all types of rod and reel fishing. You can find more information on this river at Inatur “Sports fishing the Begna River in South Aurdal in Valdres“.


Etna: Etna is the 30 km stretch of river between Ton and Høljerast in Etnedal. North of the Lunda Bridge the river runs swiftly with falls and rapids. South of the bridge the river flows much slower. This varied stretch of river has a great selection of fishing spots for worm fishing, spinning tackle, and fly fishing. In Etna you will only find trout.


Steinsetfjorden: Lake Steinsetfjorden is located on the border between Etnedal and Nord Aurdal, just over 10 km north of Fagernes. In Steinfjorden you will find trout and perch. There are boat rentals available here through Valdres Høyfjellshotell (Valdres High Mountain Hotel).


Aurdalsfjorden/Dokkafjorden: Aurlandsfjorden and Dokkafjorden lakes are best fished from a boat, but there are fishing spots along the banks near the Sundvold Bridge, Aurdal Fjord Camping, and Turmo. Boat rentals can be arranged through Aurdal Camping.


Strandafjorden: Lake Strandafjorden stretches from Leiras in the southeast and up towards Røn in the northwest. Here you will find perch, whitefish, and trout. Good fishing spots can be found along the banks near Fagernes, at the inlet of Neselva. Here you will also find a fishing dock with handicap access. Boat rentals can be arranged through Fagernes Camping Park, and Leira Camping.


Slidrefjorden: Lake Slidrefjorden stretchs from Fosheim in the south to Lomen in the north. E16 runs along the north side of the lake the entire way, but there is also a road on the south side of the lake. Slidrefjorden is known for its excellent fishing, and very good quality fish. Here you will find both trout and perch. Fishing is probably best from a boat, but you will find plenty of good fishing spots along the banks as well.


Vasetvatnet:  Lake Vasetvatnet is an excellent fishing lake in Vestre Slidre which is located along the Panoramavegen road between Vestre Slidre and Hemsedal. This lake is ideal for fly fishing from a boat. More information can be found on Inatur at “Vasetvatnet – excellent fishing in Vestre Slidre


Vangsmjøsa:  Lake Vangsmjøsa is located ideally in the Vang Municipality, and is surrounded by high mountains on all sides. Here you will find plenty of nice sized trout, with an average weight of around 500 grams. More information can be found on Inatur at “Trout fishing at Vangsmjøsa in Valdres


Øyangen (Beito): Lake Øyangen is south of Beitostølen in Øystre Slidre. You will find good spots to fish from the bank near the inlet of Raundøla River. Otherwise most of the fishing here is done via boat, where drifting worms and trolling with rapalas give very good results. Boat rentals can be arranged through Beito Aktiv.


Fishing with Vestre Slidre Fjellstyre: Vestre Slidre Public Lands manages 20 lakes and 10 km of river which are easily accessible with good fishing. More information can be found on Inatur at “Trout and Perch Fishing – Vestre Slidre Public Lands“.


Fishing with Øystre Slidre Mountain Board: Øystre Slidre public lands manages 80 lakes and roughly 100 km of running water containing fish. More information can be found at Inatur “Traditional Tackle and Planer Board Fishing in Øystre Sildre“.


Fishing License

The ”Fishing in Valdres” License is valid for the 70 small and large rivers and lakes that are referred to in the map for the common license, with the following exceptions: Ulnes Sameie, Lake Tileiafjorden (46), Flya (47), Tisleia near the Tislei Dam (48), and the fly fishing zone in Tisleia. For these areas you are only allowed to fish after purchasing the individual license for the specific area.


24 Hours NOK 110,00 | 3 Day NOK 215,00 | Week NOK 320,00 | Season NOK 480,00

*24 Hour Family NOK 120,00 | 3 Day Family NOK 300,00 | Week Family NOK 400,00 | Season Family NOK 600,00


Fishing licenses can be purchased either online or through local sales outlets.

* Family Licenses are valid for couples and their children under 20 years of age.

In both the Vestre and Øystre Slidre Mountain Board areas it is free fishing for everyone under 20 years of age. For other areas it is free fishing for everyone under 16 years of age.

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  • This license is valid for fishing during the period between the 15th of June to the 15th of August.
  • Each individual water system and lake has specific rules and regulations. You must always follow the local regulations.

Other Information

If you plan to fish in a specific area it can be worthwhile to purchase the specific license for that area. The same goes for fishing prior to or after the period in which the common license is valid.


Fishing in Valdres 

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