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The River Otta begins in the far western reaches of Skjåk, and it winds its way along Riksveg 15 for 70 km throughout Skjåk. This river system offers many opportunites for easy […]

The River Otta begins in the far western reaches of Skjåk, and it winds its way along Riksveg 15 for 70 km throughout Skjåk. This river system offers many opportunites for easy access to excellent fishing. There are trout throughout the entire river system, but there is the best chance to find the larger trout below Pollfoss and downstream than above. There are plenty of grayling over 40 cm in the lower sections of the River Otta, from Ofossen to the Lom border.


This river is strongly effected by snow and glacier melt water due to the fact that a large part of the river drainage is spread across higher elevation areas. Much of the river comes from the large glaciers in Breheimen National Park. The best fishing can be had in Otta when the river is at lower flows, meaning that the prime time is in April and May as well as August to October. There is also good fishing to be had midsummer given mild temperatures and low amounts of preciptiation.

Well known areas for large trout include Søtihølen by the Nordberg Church, Bokkodden, Harsheimhølen, Bismo, Ofossen, Marlo, and along Ramstadstrond and south towards the border to Lom.


Be aware of that there are stricter regulations from Pollfoss down through Pollvatnet. This zone is over 5 km long, and the upper section is easily accessible from the road. The middle section is best fished from a canoe or a boat, and in the lower section there is plenty of road access on both sides of the river.

Pollvatnet is more or less a slow flowing delta. Glacial residue from Breheimen National Park has filled up this section of the river creating a network of channels within this narrow lake, making for very exciting fishing from a canoe or boat. Glacial residue flows downstream continually, painting the river a beatiful milky turquoise color. Due to the sand and stones running downstream this is an excellent and easy river to wade when the water is a bit lower.

In the uppermost zone, on the east side of the river by Pollodden there is a fishing hut and fireplace to keep cozy when the weather turns.


Fishing License

24 hr License NOK  100,- | 3 Day License NOK  250,- | Week License NOK 350,- | Season License  NOK 500,-


Licenses can be obtained either online (click the button) or from various vendors in the area (gas stations, campsites, tourist office etc.)

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Fishing Rules

  • Fishing with nets or planer boards is forbidden from Pollfoss downstream to Pollvatnet.
  • Maximum 1 trout over 35 cm can be taken per day. No limit on fish under 35 cm.
  • Allowed fishing methods are rod and reel only. Fly, Spinner, Bait, and handlining are allowed.
  • Barbless hooks are required
  • Free fishing for those under 20 years old, but a fishing license must be acquired for the method of fishing they choose.
  • The season is open from when the ice melts in the spring to the freeze in late fall.
  • All fishermen must have a valid license on their person.
  • Fishing with dead or live minnows is forbidden.

Other Information

Please respect fenced off areas. Use the trails along private property.

Use only marked parking areas when they are readily available.

Please respect other fishermen, they paid the same amount as you did to fish here.

«Fishing in Skjåk» is a publication from 2013. Here they outline 36 different fishing opportunities in Skjæk, with a detailed outline of the trip itself, maps, and fishing tips. The publication is free, and you with recieve one with the purchase of a fishing license.

There is also a tour map available in 1:60,000 scale that was made available in 2013. This covers the entire Skjåk municipality, with a detailed outline of all available trails and cabin rentals.



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