Fishing ­in ­Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella ­National ­Park

The beautiful Åmotsdalen offers real wilderness experiences in majestic high mountain nature. Here you will a wide variety of high mountain lakes packed with trout of excellent quality. You can also fish […]

The beautiful Åmotsdalen offers real wilderness experiences in majestic high mountain nature. Here you will a wide variety of high mountain lakes packed with trout of excellent quality. You can also fish in the Åmotselva River or Urdvassbekken Creek, where you will find still floating stretches ideal for dry fly fishing. Once you have arrived you may also decide to take a hike to the famed Snøhetta and Storskrymten peaks. If you are lucky you may have the opportunity to see wild reindeer, mountain fox, and wolverine.


When you purchase the fishing license for Åmotsdalen you may fish in all of the lakes and streams within the Oppdal Commons in the Snøhetta area. This area stretches from the Drivdalen valley in the east to Lake Åmotsvatnet in the west. Here you will find plenty of lakes with trout, and a handful of lakes with both trout and a high population of arctic char.


This is area is unique in that it offers excellent fishing in mountain lakes, high above sea level. Therefore, the season doesn’t typically begin here before July 1st and can vary due to the snowpack and ice melt. The Oppdal Commons recommends the lakes west of the Åmotselva River, where you will have a good chance of hooking into a trout of 1.5 kg plus. These lakes are surprisingly productive for being so high above sea level, and that’s what makes this area so special. If you are fly-fishing we strongly recommend Urdvvassbekken Creek or Åmotselva River.


Åmotsdalen is located in the middle of Dovrefjell – Sunddalsfjella National Park, where you will find an undisturbed and fully intact high mountain ecosystem with wild reindeer, mountain fox, wolverine, golden eagle, and is otherwise well known for being a very fertile area rich in wildlife. If you go in via the Stroplsjødalen Valley or Snøheim you will likely see musk ox, which is one of the unique species within the park. Wild reindeer in the area are managed by East Snøhetta Wild Reindeer. The territory stretches from E6 in the east to Aursjøen and Torbudalen in the west.


If sleeping in a tent isn’t your thing, you may also rent the Jervbua Cabin, or use the Åmotdalshytta Cabin (KNT). You will also find a pair of public stone cabins in the area. For more information please see this map: Oppdal Commons Interactive Fishing Map (in Norwegian).

The entrances to the area are via a toll road leading up to Sæterfjellet from Drivdalen, where you will park at 1250 meters above sea level and follow a marked trail into the area. Otherwise, you can take a shuttle bus from Hjerkinn to Snøhei, and hike along the base of Snøhetta in to Åmotsdalen.


The Oppdal Commons, which is one of the countries largest common areas, offers fishing for trout and arctic char in 120 mountain lakes of varying size. In this common area there is active management, consisting of stocking fish in certain lakes. On top of the endless fishing opportunities, you will also find plenty of other outdoor activities to be enjoyed in the Oppdal/Åmotsdalen area.

Fishing Licence

Licenses here are valid in all of the lakes within the Oppdal Public Lands. The license gives the right to fish with a hand line, rod and reel, or planer board, as well as ice fishing. A season license is valid for one calendar year.


24 hours NOK 120,00 | Week  NOK 500,00 | Season NOK 800,00


Fishing license can either be purchased online or through several local outlets.

Buy fishing licence Report your catch


  • Open Year round, with the following exceptions: From September 15th to October 31st it is forbidden to fish in all rivers feeding a lake with a pure trout population. This is specifically valid for Skarvatnet.
  • All use of live bait, with the exception of worms, is forbidden.
  • A fishing license gives the right to fish with one rod. Planer boards may also be used.
  • Fishing licenses are for personal use only. Only valid with legal identification.
  • Children under 16 years of age fish for free.
  • Failure to follow regulations may lead to arrest.
  • Supervision Telephone: +47 72 42 02 77

Read the complete list of regulations here: Fishing Regulations for Oppdal Commons.

Other informations

Show respect to wildlife and livestock. If you pack it in, pack it out. Leave no trace that you were here.



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