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Selbu offers fishing in over 300 lakes of varying size, including small mountain lakes, still forest lakes, and fishing for large trout in lakes Nea and Selbusjøen. With it’s large wilderness area […]

Selbu offers fishing in over 300 lakes of varying size, including small mountain lakes, still forest lakes, and fishing for large trout in lakes Nea and Selbusjøen. With it’s large wilderness area Selbu is one of the most popular hunting and fishing municipalities in Mid Norway. With only one common license you are able to fish throughout the entire municipality.


Selbu Muncipality is located in Sør-Trøndelag County, 60 km from the Trondheim Værnes Airport. At the center of Selbu is Lake Selbusjøen, which is made up of endless bays and points, and endless good fishing spots. However, the most popular fishing spot here is in the River Nea. This is an excellent river for fly-fishing, spinner fishing, and for fishing with worms, and dare we say one of the best trout streams in all of Northern Europe. Yes, we said it. Make up your mind for yourself. This river is home to a good population of trout, with a good amount of specimens that dreams are made of.


However, Selbu has much more to offer! The large wilderness areas in the municipality offer over 300 lakes to be fished. For those who don’t know the area very well we recommend Langtjønna, Rørtjønna, Østrungen, Vålåtjenna, Drøytjenna, Elvsjøen, Rimsjøen, Kroksjøen, Hersjøen, Vitjenna, Børsjøen, Storsjøen, Gråsjøen, Svendalstjenna, and Julsettjønna as good places to start. Several of the lakes are home to very large fish while others offer denser populations of smaller fish. The species you will find here are primarily trout and char, but in Selbusjøen you will also find pike and burbot.


Selbu Utmarksråd offers a common fishing license (Selbukortet), which gives access to affordable fishing in most of these lakes. There are a small handful of lakes which offer their own license, but that are only valid for a specific lake. In addition you may also purchase a license for the River Nea, which is valid for the stretch of river from the municipality border between Selbu and Tydal to Neas inlet to Selbusjøen. For more information on fishing in Selbu please read our fishing guide.

Selbu Wilderness Association is an umbrella organization for all of the individual land owners in the municipality, and plays a vital role in managing the hunting and fishing resources in the municipality. Their mission is to ensure responsible use of resources in cooperation with landowners and land users.

Fishing License

This fishing licens is valid for fishing with a rod and reel, or hand line. The only lakes that are not included under this license are marked in red in the brochure Fishing Guide for Selbu.



Selbu Common License: 2 Day NOK 200,00 |Week NOK 400,00 | Season NOK 800,00

Nea License: 24 Hours NOK 130,00 | 3 Day NOK 330,00 | Season NOK 800,00

The individual areas with their own licenses have their own fishing licenses, and their own regulations: 24 Hour NOK 50,00 | Season NOK 400,00


Fishing licenses can also be purchased at a variety of local shops including the tourist office, sporting goods stores, and gas stations.

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Fishing Regulations

  • Fishing is allowed year round with the exception of the trout spawning season from September 15th to October 15th
  • Unattended lines in the water are not allowed.
  • Fishing licenses are personal and non transferable. Licenses are only valid with legal identification.
  • Children under 16 years old fish for free.
  • Fishing from a boat is allowed. Motorboats are allowed on Selbusjøen. Electric motors may be used on Østrungen, Børsjøen, and Hersjøen
  • Setting out fish is strictly forbidden without special permission
  • Do not clean or rinse fish that were taken in another water system. Fish guts must be taken to the trash or buried. Water must not be transferred between individual water systems. All fishing gear, boots, and boats must be rinsed and dried before using them in a new water system. With suspicion of any type of fish sickness please contact Selbu Utmarksråd in Selbu at +47 909 58 599 , or the mountain supervision at +47 975 59 758. Disinfection of gear can be undertaken at Statoil Selbu or Selbusport’n.
  • Failure to follow the fishing regulations can lead to arrest.

Other Information

In Selbu you will find a wide variety of accommodations. For more information see here Visitselbu.

There are shelters built for public use in several locations throughout the area. These are free for everyone. Please show respect at these shelters and don’t use live trees for firewood. Use caution when lighting campfires outside of designated fire pits. There are several roads leading into the area, and most of these may be used after paying a toll.

Please show respect to private property and to others in the nature. If you pack it in, pack it out. Leave no trace that you were here.


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Contact Information

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